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Weird Science

  1. Here’s a Test for Introversion You Can Do When You’re Home, Being IntrovertedGrab yourself a lemon and a cotton swab and let’s do some somewhat questionable science.
  2. Karl Lagerfeld Won’t Offer Himself Up to ScienceHe says researchers have approached him about testing his DNA.
  3. weird beauty
    This Makeup Company Is Quietly Growing SkinL’Oréal has been testing out its products on home-grown skin.  
  4. weird science
    John Galliano Traded His Finery for a Margiela Lab CoatAdapting to the house style.
  5. pleas
    I Don’t Want to Hear About Your DietSpare me the details.
  6. communication
    Women Twice As Likely As Men to Use Emoticons:/