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  1. science of us
    What a Massive New Study on Income Inequality Misses About Black WomenBlack women, too, must have equal pay — not to white women, but to white men.
  2. In Old Age, Friends Might Matter Even More Than FamilyAs you age, your friendships play a greater role in keeping you happy and healthy.
  3. personality
    The 5 Personality Traits That Make for a Better LifeThere are many paths to a good life. Some are just more rigorously studied than others.
  4. The Psychological Importance of Joining a March This WeekendTo be a fully functioning human, you need to feel like you’re connecting to something bigger than yourself.
  5. Get Better Sleep and You’ll Like Your Relationship MoreHappiness starts in bed.
  6. The Not-So-Secret Secret to Happiness: Be Kinder to Yourself, Okay?The science of self-compassion.
  7. happiness
    Your Boss Wants You to Be Happier. This Is Not a Good Thing.A new book uncovers the tricky thinking behind the science of employee happiness.