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  1. science of us
    Okay, But How Many Trees Count As Nature?Spending even five minutes in nature can boost your mood.
  2. promises promises
    How to Finally Stop SlouchingEverything we tried to fix our posture in 2019.
  3. wellness
    Why Gout Is Making a ComebackSpending obscene amounts on rich foods is the new $40 spin class.
  4. self
    A Diet of Chocolate and Wine Might Not Help You Live to 120, ActuallyThe world’s oldest woman may have lied about her age, according to a new report.
  5. science of us
    Why Does Everyone Want Me to Meditate So Badly?I don’t TRUST you people!
  6. you are a badass
    Jen Sincero Thinks You Should Be RichAnd that has made her very, very rich.
  7. strong dumb take
    Shut Down the Internet for the Rest of the YearA modest proposal.
  8. i want to believe
    This Candle Is Going to Make Me So RichIs spending money on a magic money-making candle dumb or genius?
  9. science of us
    I’m Terrified of Neti PotsNo brain-eating amoebas for me, thank-you.
  10. best bets
    Artisan Home Objects, Rare Cookbooks, and CoverGirl’s First StoreWhat’s new in New York stores.
  11. food
    Do Millennials Really Not Eat Canned Tuna?The Cut investigates.
  12. science of us
    The Best Personality Type Sounds a Lot Like MeDo you, too, have what a group of psychologists have determined to be the healthiest personality?
  13. thanksgiving
    What It Means to ‘Feel Fat’It’s subtly different, and more fleeting, than having an overarchingly unhealthy body image.
  14. science of us
    Reading Fiction Makes You a Little NicerSave the publishing industry and save yourself.
  15. beat around the bush
    When Waxing Makes You Feel Like an AdultLittle did I know that money can’t buy your way out of the indescribable pain.
  16. science of us
    I’m Going to Meditate This Weekend If It Kills MeThis is going to change everything.
  17. investigations
    Are Toilet Bowls Truly Too Short for Some Men’s Junk?A depraved investigation inspired by the “Masculine Toilet.”
  18. beat around the bush
    6 Women Test Out a Fancy Pube OilIt’s Emma Watson’s favorite.
  19. beat around the bush
    When You Get Waxed for a Bad ManI only do it for a special occasion, like a man traveling to see me.
  20. beat around the bush
    New York Women Draw Their Own Pubes“I try to maintain order.”
  21. beat around the bush
    What It Feels Like to Wax Your Own Pubic HairAn oil heir confirmed my desire for the labia I was supposed to want, especially as a fire crotch: hairless, no razor burn.
  22. beat around the bush
    9 Men Tell Us What They Do to Their PubesThere are rules and rituals, products and tools.
  23. beat around the bush
    What Even Was Vajazzling?One woman looks back at the mid-aughts most questionable trend.
  24. beat around the bush
    When You Get Waxed for YourselfAt the risk of sounding problematic, I can admit there’s a sense of control that comes from being waxed.
  25. beat around the bush
    What Are Pubes Actually For?We don’t totally know why we have pubic hair.
  26. beat around the bush
    When You Get Waxed for the First TimeJust looking at my pubic hair embarrasses me, even when I’m all by myself.
  27. beat around the bush
    The Bush ReportWhat’s going on with pubes these days?
  28. work
    How I Get It Done: Robin RobertsThe Good Morning America host on practicing optimism, being a better boss, and what she would tell her younger self.
  29. science of us
    I Am Perfectly Happy With My PerfectionismIf wanting to get better is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  30. science of us
    How to Recover From a Night of Bad DreamsNightmares can cause a real emotional (and even physical) impact. Here’s how to minimize it.
  31. science of us
    You Can’t Change Your Personality Just by Wanting ToYou have to work at it.
  32. let's see
    Are Himalayan Salt Tequila Shots a Shortcut to Wellness?Let’s find out.
  33. piece of work
    What Kind of Person Steals Their Co-workers’ Lunch?We talked to a lunch thief to find out.
  34. addiction
    Lena Dunham Says She’s Sober After Quitting KlonopinShe recently opened up on Dax Shepard’s podcast.
  35. science of us
    The Afternoon Is the Worst TimeLet’s stop arguing over mornings and nights and focus on the real enemy here.
  36. wellness
    Goop Is Looking for People to Work at Its Vancouver Summit for FreeThere’s no pay, but think of all the wellness you’ll soak up!
  37. sleep
    You Don’t Have to Wake Up at 5 a.m.A night owl’s dissent.
  38. science of us
    I Just Got Into Kombucha, and Now You Tell Me Probiotics Are Bad?If they’re not cleaning your gut … what ARE they doing?
  39. science of us
    I May Be Drowning in Student Loan Debt, But at Least I’m NiceA very faintly silver lining.
  40. science of us
    The U.K. Is Treating Loneliness Like a Public-Health IssueBut critics say it’s mostly PR.
  41. science of us
    A Stubborn Person’s Guide to Improving Your MoodI will be cheered up over my dead body.
  42. science of us
    Does CBD in Coffee Really Do Anything?Maybe. Or maybe not.
  43. science of us
    Most Introverts Would Like to Be More ExtrovertedAnd almost everyone thinks extroverts are more valued.
  44. science of us
    How to Seem More Generous Than You Really AreHave your cake and eat it too.
  45. recommendations
    Earplugs Make Me Feel Like a Corpse (in a Good Way)An appreciation of the cheapest sleep aid there is.
  46. the kavanaugh hearings
    The Meaning of Christine Blasey Ford’s Second Front DoorA psychologist explains.
  47. am i dying
    Please Tell Me I Won’t Get Black Hairy Tongue From Taking AntibioticsIt’s possible.
  48. wellness
    Vampire Facials May Have Exposed Customers to HIVA New Mexico spa is under inspection for putting customers at risk.
  49. am i dying
    Is My Incessant Phone Use Giving Me Carpal Tunnel?How to avoid needing to sleep in a wrist brace.
  50. the world according to goop
    Goop Settles Lawsuit About Those Vaginal EggsGwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand agreed to pay $145,000 in response to claims of deceptive marketing.
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