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  1. beat around the bush
    When Waxing Makes You Feel Like an AdultLittle did I know that money can’t buy your way out of the indescribable pain.
  2. livin la vitamin loca
    How I Got My Hair to Grow Two Inches in Just a MonthHere’s the hair cocktail I swear by.
  3. goop shade
    Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Know What the Cut IsWe’re deeply wounded.
  4. new mom
    I Was Convinced I Might Kill My ChildWhat it’s like to have postpartum psychosis.
  5. new mom
    The New Mom’s Guide to SexTen moms discuss sex after pregnancy.
  6. new mom
    Here’s How Soon You Can Have Sex After Giving BirthWe asked a medical expert.
  7. allergy season
    Here’s Everything You Need to Survive Allergy SeasonFrom Japanese eye drops to fancy air filters.
  8. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    How Taking Probiotics Might Help Clear Your SkinHow better bowel movements can improve your skin.
  9. working out
    How to Tone Your Muscles When You’re Doing NothingIf you’re reading this article and not engaging your core, you’re doing it wrong.
  10. Radical Beauty: Meet the Therapist in Brooklyn Giving Leech FacialsAt the Silesian Holistic Center in Brooklyn, Andrew Plucinski provides leech therapy to clients suffering from migraines, dull skin, and more.
  11. work
    How I Get It Done: Niki Leondakis, CEO of EquinoxThe head of the fitness brand on yoga, Greek food, and her “weekend marriage.”
  12. wellness
    Betty White Personally Thanks Vodka and Hotdogs for Her Long Life“Probably in that order.”
  13. wellness theories
    Emmy Rossum on the Time She Ate an Entire Head of Garlic“I got mono once when I was 18 or 19 and I had to go on a press tour for Phantom of the Opera.”
  14. self-help
    Man Claims Self-Help Group He Joined Is Actually a Sex CultA new lawsuit alleges Gratitude Training, which offers personal development seminars, is a cult.
  15. Watch an Illustrated 30,000-Year Evolution of the Sex ToyHallie Lieberman, author of Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy takes us through the colorful backstories of the modern dildo and vibrator.
  16. no man's land
    The Bra Ladies of New YorkWomen who help women with big boobs finally find the bra that fits.
  17. older and wiser
    CoverGirl’s First 69-Year-Old Spokesmodel on Defying AgeismMaye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother, says life actually gets easier when you’re older.
  18. wellness theories
    A Vegan Food Blogger on the Realities of Instagram“People probably think I’m super confident because I have a million followers. I’m not.”
  19. wellness theories
    This Supermodel Says Watching the News Keeps Her Emotionally Healthy“You realize that there are really terrible things happening sometimes and it makes you feel grateful for what you have.”
  20. social media
    Sheet Mask Selfies Are a Wellness LieThe popular beauty treatment has recently become an Instagram epidemic.
  21. wellness theories
    Debi Mazar on Disco Workouts and Getting Her Life Together“I look really good, my skin’s good, my body’s nice.”
  22. lawsuits
    Wellness Blogger Fined $300,000 for Faking Cancer CureBelle Gibson claimed that she cured brain cancer with a gluten- and sugar-free diet.
  23. suggestions
    How All Doctors Should BeStop acting like I’m a regular mortal, please.
  24. goop gloop
    Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Take Goop ‘in the Field,’ Maybe to Flint, MichiganIt’s a pivot to video that might start in Flint.
  25. celebrity wellness
    Jennifer Aniston Dreams of Opening a Wellness CenterBut she doesn’t want to sound “all woo-woo” about it.
  26. media
    Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Covered in Mud for the First Issue of Goop MagazineGoop, in print.
  27. obligations
    25 Famous Women on GuiltGrappling with it — or choosing not to.
  28. Meditation Gear Just Got a Lot More Fashion-ForwardMax Vallot and Tom Daly of District Vision have made the most eclectic and stylish athlete’s tool kit.
  29. disruption
    Silicon Valley Execs on a Diet Insist They’re Not on a DietBiohacking: Dieting … for men!
  30. wellness theories
    Taraji P. Henson on Meditation, Exercise, and Why She Started Eating Better“I find myself being in a meditative state all the time.”
  31. it's complicated
    Two Hours of Touching Strange Men at Tantra Speed DatingTrying out the latest trend in “mindful dating.”
  32. wellness theories
    Shania Twain on Working Out, Drinking Smoothies, and Smearing Sugar on Her FaceHow the Canadian diva does wellness.
  33. swellness
    Everything You Need to Know About Wellness According to Erykah Badu18 tips from the queen of neo-soul.
  34. guts
    Can Gut Bacteria Slow Down Aging?Try not to poo-poo it.
  35. skin deep
    Why Miranda Kerr Tucks a Crystal Into Her Bra“I believe they have a little magic.”
  36. studies
    Walnuts Rewire Your Brain to Stop You From Pigging OutThey’re the new almonds.
  37. niche drama
    This Spin Studio Is ‘Terrorizing’ Anyone Who Gives Them a Negative Yelp ReviewSome of Rhythm Ryde’s choice words include, “I can assure you; you are not a frequent spinner!”
  38. wellness theories
    DJ Ruckus on Hearing Loss and How Fresh Juice Is a Bucket of Sugar“I know that if I want to stay in this game for a long time, I need to protect my hearing.”
  39. People Can’t Stop Hurting Themselves While Grooming Their PubesA new study says a quarter of American men and women hurt themselves while grooming pubic hair.
  40. under the sun
    Two New Vaccines Might Be Able to Prevent Skin CancerCustomized vaccines show promising results in preventing cancer relapses.
  41. swellness
    Drake Is So Thirsty He Invested in a Matcha CompanyNo “Passionfruit” flavor, please.
  42. hot shot
    Why Hasn’t This Photo of Dennis Quaid Smoking in a Sheet Mask Gone Viral?A gorgeous image.
  43. work work work work
    Working Too Much Could Kill You, So Just Go Home NowA study suggests long work hours can lead to heart problems.
  44. super bugs
    Terrifying Untreatable Strains of Gonorrhea Are on the RiseWrap it up, folks.
  45. abominations
    Please Do Not Snort Chocolate to Get HighLike an energy drink, except that it might form a chocolatey paste in your sinuses.
  46. mental health
    25 Famous Women on TherapyKaty Perry, Oprah, Selena Gomez, Hillary Clinton, and more on their experiences.
  47. wellness theories
    Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell Uses Eye Drops to Wake Up in the Morning“I also take wellness pills all the time.”
  48. I Took the Best Nap of My Life on a $9,000 Crystal BedIt’s like a baby bouncer for adults.
  49. wellness
    Trainer Tracy Anderson Is Getting Her Own Radio ShowIt’s going to be “empowering.”
  50. wellness theories
    Wendy Whelan on Finding Joy After Injury and Trying Yoga for the First Time“I’m not an advanced yoga person by any means, but I’ve been doing it regularly for the past six months.”
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