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  1. science of us
    The Psychology of Giving Human Names to Your StuffWhy it’s common to have a nickname for a car or a laptop, but not, say, a toaster or toilet.
  2. The Pill Causing Weight Gain Is the Myth That Won’t Go AwayWhy so many still believe birth control is to blame for those extra pounds.
  3. The Psychological Explanation for When You Feel Like You’re Being WatchedHere’s why you can detect another person’s gaze on you without even looking.
  4. what’s that about
    How a Napping Subway Commuter’s Brain Knows When It’s Their StopAnd how you can teach yourself, if you can’t do this already.
  5. about time
    The Hazy Science of Day DrinkingDo our bodies know the difference between day drinking and night drinking?
  6. what’s that about?
    Adult-Onset Allergies Are, Unfortunately, a Real ThingWelcome to the miserable, sniffly club.