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What Is Fashion

  1. year in review
    The 18 Best Celebrity Style Moments of 2018From Justin Bieber’s slide sandals to Meghan Markle’s nail polish.
  2. what is fashion
    Did Blake Lively Accidentally Predict the Future of Fashion?We’re headed toward a more tailored 2019.
  3. what is fashion
    What Does ‘Preppy’ Look Like in 2018?As emerging brands offer their own take on the style, prep is starting to look downright progressive.
  4. what is fashion
    An Instagrammer Was Sued for ‘Failure to Influence.’ I Can Sympathize.How hard can it be to post a couple Instagram photos? Strangely difficult, it turns out.
  5. what is fashion
    A Good Halloween Hack: Just Be FancyFor when you don’t feel like being sexy, and want to avoid death.
  6. what is fashion
    What Even Is a Going-Out Top Anymore?An investigation.
  7. what is fashion
    Lady Gaga’s Style in A Star Is Born Is Remarkably UnremarkableJust like her “no makeup” makeup.
  8. what is fashion
    Fashion at a Time Like ThisAs America watched Christine Blasey Ford testify, the Paris runways marched on.
  9. what is fashion
    Nobody Told Me How Stressful Tie-Dying IsA reflection on summer’s “chillest” trend.
  10. what is fashion
    Did You Actually Buy a September Issue?We talked shop with Casa Magazines, one of the few stores still fighting for print.
  11. what is fashion
    Succession Nails What It Looks Like to Have Too Much Money and No StyleThat’s part of what makes it so good.
  12. what is fashion
    Scott Disick’s New Brand Is Called ‘Talentless’It goes against the “conventions of what it means to be ‘talented.’”
  13. what is fashion
    Beyoncé, Anna Wintour, and What We Want to BelieveThe truth is in our “indefinite” capacity for fashion rumors.
  14. what is fashion
    Like Sacha Baron Cohen, Fashion Is Trolling AmericaBut who is laughing?
  15. what is fashion
    The New McQueen Documentary Could Make Anyone EmotionalIn a good way.
  16. what is fashion
    Celebrities Are Slipping Into Love Like a Pair of Slide SandalsEasy come, easy go.
  17. what is fashion
    What Paris Couture and Jonathan Franzen Have in CommonA love of birds and doing your own thing.