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What Would Ryan Lochte Do

  1. jeah no
    Brazil Charged Ryan Lochte the Same Day He Got Himself a New Endorsement DealAll in a day’s work.
  2. what would ryan lochte do
    A Helpful Explainer of Ryan Lochte’s International IncidentEverything you need to know about America’s No. 1 fugitive.
  3. no shirts allowed
    The Best (Shirtless) Moments From What Would Ryan Lochte Do?The show’s only redeeming quality.
  4. lochte it down
    Watch Ryan Lochte Struggle With Basic QuestionsAnd reduce interviewers to hysterical laughter.
  5. quotables
    Ryan Lochte Says He’s the Next Kim KardashianOnce again, with confidence.