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When Celebrities Design

  1. when celebrities design
    Liam Gallagher Plans Presentation for LondonFor his Pretty Green brand.
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    Never have cardigans been so confusing.Liam Gallagher ponders new looks for “Pretty Green.”
  3. when celebrities design
    Katie Holmes Reminds the World She Designs Her Own ClothesWell, designs with her stylist.
  4. when celebrities design
    Noel Gallagher Taunted His Brother Liam’s Love of FashionThe brothers feud again, and this time it’s about fashion.
  5. when celebrities design
    Fans Ravenous for Liam Gallagher’s Boring Clothing LineOver 10,000 people tried to buy his plain T-shirts and scarves online this morning.
  6. when celebrities design
    Heidi Montag’s Fashion Line Is OverAnchor Blue has decided not to renew Montag’s contract for another Heidiwood line. DARN.
  7. when celebrities design
    Forecasting Peaches Geldof’s Collection for PPQShe says it’s inspired by her personal style, so we’ve assembled a Peaches look book.
  8. when celebrities design
    Lindsay Lohan Wants to Design Clothes, Chanel PursesShe tells ‘Elle’ a Chanel bag would be a “really cool thing to have my name on.”
  9. when celebrities design
    Lauren Conrad’s Emmy Dress Will Match the Trophy Girl’sConrad says they’re made from the same fabric but different colors.