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Where's The Beef?

  1. where's the beef?
    Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Have Cemented Their Alliance With CookiesThe long war is officially at an end.
  2. where's the beef?
    Madonna Says That New York Times Profile Made Her ‘Feel Raped’“DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY”
  3. where's the beef?
    This Designer Has Taken to Fat-Shaming CriticsA low blow.
  4. where's the beef?
    Who Is Demi Lovato Shading in This Incredible Tweet?Engrave it on a headstone.
  5. where's the beef?
    Cardi B Deletes Instagram Account Following Rift With Azealia BanksBanks likened her to an “illiterate, untalented rat.”
  6. where's the beef?
    Cardi B Opens Up About Her Drama With Nicki Minaj“There was a misunderstanding.”
  7. where's the beef?
    Nicki Minaj Reveals the One Thing Cardi B Did That Hurt Her“Up until this recent interview that she did, I had never seen her show me genuine love.”
  8. where's the beef
    The Drake and Josh Feud Has Officially EndedThrough mutual social media affirmation.
  9. where's the beef?
    Rihanna Once Told Diplo His Music Was Like a ‘Reggae Song at an Airport’“I was like, I’m gonna go kill myself.
  10. Vanity Fair Defends Its Description of Angelina Jolie Film Casting ProcessAccording to the magazine, Jolie demanded that they retract the description of how she cast children in her film.
  11. where's the beef?
    Taylor Swift Now Officially Credited on ‘TIWYCF’Nils has been revealed!
  12. where's the beef?
    Cathy Horyn and Oscar de la Renta’s Fast-Food-Themed Feud Was Just for ShowDeep breath. They are totally still friends!