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  1. motherhood
    Whitney Port Does Not Like BreastfeedingThe new mom says it feels like someone is slicing her nipples with glass.
  2. Whitney Port Gave Birth to a Baby BoyWe’re one step closer to getting a The Hills playdate.
  3. celebrity babies
    Whitney Port Is Really, Really Excited to Let You Know She’s Pregnant“I peed on a stick and now I’m going to be a Mom!”
  4. loose threads
    Daffy’s Bankrupt; Whitney Port’s ShowPlus, Kelly Mittendorf poses for i-D magazine’s “Just Kids Issue.”
  5. loose threads
    Nicole Richie’s QVC Line to Debut; Rihanna at London Fashion WeekPlus, Natalia Vodianova is on the March cover of Vogue Paris.
  6. loose threads
    Roitfeld’s Purple Cover; Cooper on LagerfeldAlso, how to survive fashion shows, courtesy of Vogue, and Nicki Minaj on Anna Wintour.
  7. wanna be on top
    Whitney Port and Tyson Beckford Join Top ModelThey’ll judge the UK version of the show next season.
  8. comebacks
    Whitney Port to Mount Her First Solo Fashion Show in New York This SeasonYes, Whitney Eve is apparently going strong.
  9. loose threads
    Lanvin Helped Boost H&M’s Sales 8 Percent; Diego Della Valle Sells a Chunk of Tod’sAlso, Temperley is returning to London Fashion Week, and Versace might hold its next womenswear show at its company headquarters.
  10. beauty marks
    Marion Cotillard Wore Her Hair in a Pompadour; Carrie Underwood Stars in New Olay Ad CampaignPlus: Meet the nail artist who does Willow Smith’s snail manicures.
  11. inner city life
    Whitney Port Confesses That The City Has Been CanceledWell, this is great news for ‘Elle.’
  12. slash jobs
    Lauren Conrad Returns to Reality TV to Launch Her New, More Expensive Fashion LineShe’s baaack.
  13. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Mint Juleps and Droopy Models at Whitney EvePort and Brod did throw a nice party.
  14. loose threads
    Lauren Santo Domingo Raising Money for Online Trunk-Show Venture; Bloomingdale’s to Open OutletAlso, LBD is in the dictionary now.
  15. slash jobs
    Lauren Conrad Is Once Again Designing a Clothing LineAnd this time, she’s looping in her BFFs.
  16. loose threads
    Memorial Service Set for Alexander McQueen; Preview Rodarte’s Ballet CostumesAlso, Ports 1961 has a new designer.
  17. inner city life
    The City Recap: Destiny Is Not an Express Train to an Office Where Everything Is PinkIf this was the series’ last episode, it was a pretty good one.
  18. inner city life
    The City Recap: Roxy Has Had It With Whitney’s Diva BehaviorAnd she’s holding strong on her promise to move out.
  19. not a typo
    Guess What Whitney Port’s Forthcoming Book Is Called?’Tru Whit.’
  20. inner city life
    The City Recap: An Unknown Pop Star Finally Tears Whitney and Roxy ApartWho is Lights and what is she doing on our show?
  21. inner city life
    Whitney Port Denies The City’s CancellationAlso, show producers were seen casting in Montauk over the weekend.
  22. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Doesn’t Walk in Ke$ha’s ShoesBut she can fake it, kind of.
  23. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo Is Joe Zee’s Little PonyRobbie Myers totally lied about firing her.
  24. inner city life
    The City Recap: The End of Olivia Palermo?We hope not.
  25. beauty marks
    New Face Serum Inspired by Snake Venom; Bad Hair Days Linked to Bad MoodsAlso, Whitney Port piles on the metallic makeup.
  26. inner city life
    The City Recap: Anne Slowey Tells Whitney She’s Not a ‘Real Designer’Whitney cried SO HARD on the inside.
  27. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo ‘Can Talk to a Park Bench’Also, Kelly and Roxy find their freak solidarity.
  28. party lines
    Whitney Port Isn’t Quite Sure About MovingShe also didn’t appreciate the blogs publicizing the Craigslist ad for her apartment.
  29. fashion yearbook
    Sarah Jessica Parker Wore the Flashiest Dress to the Sex and the City 2 PremiereSee her Valentino couture and what the other ladies wore last night.
  30. inner city life
    For $7,000, You Can Rent Whitney Port’s West Village DuplexIt looks like a country cottage and everything.
  31. inner city life
    The City Recap: Whitney Is a Full-Grown New York Woman Now!She’s using men and everything!
  32. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo Will Not End Up on Welfare, But Whitney MightOur recap of last night’s episode explains all.
  33. loose threads
    Sold-Out Ann Taylor Dress Goes for More Than $300 on eBay; Plus-Size Models ProtestAlso, Versace just won $20 million in a lawsuit.
  34. inner city life
    The City Recap: Roxy Resumes Her Lust for Greasy HairReview her epic conversation with Tight-Tee Zach in our recap of last night’s episode.
  35. inner city life
    The City Recap: Whitney Works Hard, Olivia Hardly WorksOur recap of the season premiere lies within.
  36. inner city life
    Q&A: Whitney Port on Olivia Palermo’s Journalistic Integrity, the New Season of The City, and More!Season two starts TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
  37. look of the day
    Whitney Port Is Hiding Inside Her GownWhat do you think of her dress?
  38. inner city life
    Whitney Port Has New Rep and It’s Not Kelly CutronePeople’s Revolution hasn’t taken on her day-to-day PR in the past, nor will it now.
  39. people who do nothing (but sort of design) for a living
    The Designer Who Claims to Have Actually Designed Whitney Port’s Clothing Line Is Suing HerThis is a nice little scandal to go with the promotion of the second season of ‘The City.’
  40. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo Becomes a ‘Reporter’ and Whitney Port Becomes a ‘Young Designer’ on the New Season of The City!Also, Whitney wears a really embarrassing jumpsuit!
  41. beauty marks
    Whitney Port to Promote Acne Fighter; Miu Miu’s Orange and Purple EyesAnd ammonia-free hair dye is poised to become a popular product.
  42. people who do nothing (but sort of design) for a living
    Whitney Eve Walks AgainIn lamé-loving Miami.
  43. beauty marks
    Whitney Port Now Selling Acne-Removal Devices; Buy a Lock of Farrah Fawcett’s HairAnd an Arizona student figured out which drugstore nail polish lasts the longest.
  44. where you sit defines who you are
    News Flash: The More Editors Cover a Label, the Better Their SeatEverything you wanted to know about how Fashion Week seating charts work.
  45. beauty marks
    David Beckham Has New Ink; Zoe Saldana to Star in Avon CampaignAnd Whitney Port’s cousin is a hairstylist. She comes recommended.
  46. loose threads
    Mayor Bloomberg to Kick Off Fashion NYC 2020 Tonight; Botkier Opens First Store in NolitaAnd Yves Saint Laurent’s house in Morocco is up for sale.
  47. quotables
    Whitney Port Puts Her Label in ‘Different Realm’ Than Heidi and Lauren’s Lines“I think my biggest competition is myself.”
  48. loose threads
    H&M to Open Home Stores; Lourdes Wears Christopher Kane for TopshopAlso, America’s Most Stylish Blogger has been named.
  49. inner city life
    Everyone Fought on the Season Finale of The City, and It Was So GreatNo bitchy comment shall go undocumented in our recap!
  50. orange people
    Guess What Freddie Fackelmayer Has Been Up To?Shopping at Kmart, that’s what.
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