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  1. who?
    Indistinguishable Buff Man Drops Out of the Presidential RacePour out some protein powder for John Delaney’s campaign.
  2. hairy situations
    The Weeknd Looks … DifferentSomething’s missing, and it’s not just the “e” in the Weeknd.
  3. i don’t know her
    Wait, Who Is Kaitlynn Carter?An abbreviated biography of the woman entangled in Miley Cyrus’s breakup drama.
  4. who?
    That’s Not My Husband?A few theories on Camila Morrone’s confounding Instagram post.
  5. Soon, the World Health Organization Will Say Being Trans Isn’t a Mental DisorderThe new guidelines reflect an evolving understanding of trans identity among the medical Establishment — and some lingering tensions.
  6. who?
    Chloë Grace Moretz Blames Feud With Kim Kardashian on Jet LagShe also prides herself on “having opinions.”
  7. who?
    5 Things We Allegedly Know About Lindsay Lohan’s FiancéFast facts about the man who has reportedly stolen Lindsay’s heart.
  8. The Global Cost of Untreated Mental Illness Is $1 Trillion Per YearThe world’s leading health organization is making mental health a top priority.