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Whole Foods

  1. science of us
    We’ll All Be Eating This Snack in 2019Water lily seeds and other wellness predictions for next year.
  2. pssst
    These 5 Natural Beauty Products Are Whole Foods’ Best Kept SecretSo much more than quinoa.
  3. taylor swift excursions
    The Grocery Store: Not a Bad Place for a DateTaylor Swift and Calvin Harris perused a Whole Foods together. 
  4. look of the day
    Taylor Swift Dressed Like an Equestrian to Go to Whole FoodsJust a casual equestrian look.
  5. behavior of models
    Model Charged With Petit Larceny of Chocolate, Fish Oil From Whole FoodsDietetic choices. 
  6. game face
    The Perfume Sisters With Opposing Skin-Care RoutinesThey work on MCMC Fragrances together, but one prefers a more natural regimen.
  7. protect yo’self!
    Testing 6 ‘Natural’ Sunscreens From Whole FoodsOne was surprisingly non-chalky … another felt like paste.
  8. life imitates art
    Moncler Publicist Allegedly Pulls a Thomas CrownHe was charged with stealing a Salvador Dalí painting and a steak.
  9. beauty marks
    Chanel Announces New Men’s Fragrance; Whole Foods Cracks Down on Beauty LabelsAlso, Prada introduces a lighter version of one of its most popular scents, and makeup artist Sam Fine offers tips on layering concealer, foundation, and powder.
  10. beauty marks
    Whole Foods May Have Shady Cosmetics-Labeling PracticesWhole Foods got sued in California for not warning consumers about a carcinogen in its products, and Michelle Trachtenberg reveals what she can’t live without.
  11. party lines
    If You Want to Date Tyson Beckford, Buy Gelato at Whole FoodsTyson Beckford couldn’t get with Molly Sims, so he cruises for chicks at the Whole Foods on 24th Street and Seventh Avenue.