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  1. willy wonka
    Why Do We Keep Remaking This Movie?Timothée Chalamet will take on the role of Willy Wonka.
  2. why
    Hell Is This Giant Chainsmokers ConcertIn the Hamptons, during the COVID pandemic, with a DJ set from a Goldman Sachs CEO.
  3. fights
    Justin Bieber Still Pretty Sure He Could Take Tom Cruise in a Fight“I’m the Conor McGregor of entertainment.”
  4. science of us
    I Know You Know That Happiness Is FleetingBut it’s so easy to forget.
  5. why
    Oh God, Is Anthony Scaramucci Starting a New Media Company?Nobody asked for this.
  6. why
    CoverGirl’s First Spokesman Jokes About Africa Having EbolaViruses and misinformation are hilarious.
  7. why
    Karlie Kloss Appears As a Geisha in Vogue’s Diversity IssueHere’s a terrible idea.
  8. why
    Horseback Yoga Exists Because Humans Can’t Stop Making Exercise WorseNeigh.
  9. why?
    Carly Fiorina Is No Mariah CareyShe broke into song to celebrate becoming Ted Cruz’s running mate.
  10. why?
    A Downside to Summer: The Vera Bradley–Bag OnslaughtAccording to the ‘Post,’ the Vera Bradley duffel is, sadly, the stylish New York woman’s preferred weekend bag.