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  1. women in science
    Wikipedia Didn’t Think This Woman Nobel Prize Winner Deserved a PageA moderator denied Donna Strickland’s entry — that is, until she won the Nobel in physics.
  2. spooky scary
    The 9 Best Horror-Movie Wikipedia Pages (According to People Who Read Them)Because this is what you do when you’re too afraid to watch the actual movie.
  3. best reads of 2016
    The Weird, Wonderful Personal Lives of Middle-aged Male CelebritiesThe best thing to read right now is the “personal life” section of a male celebrity’s Wikipedia page.
  4. department of corrections
    Sheila Heti on Drinking Her Way to a Child’s-Eye ViewAnd other lessons from Chris Kraus, Sheila Heti, and Emily Gould’s Wikipedia annotations.
  5. gender gaps
    Closing Wikipedia’s Gender Gap — ReluctantlyFeminism’s dullest mission.
  6. problem solving
    Brown University Trying to Fix Wikipedia’s Gender GapEdit-a-thons?