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Winter Weddings 2017

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    16 Affordable Wedding Dresses That Look ExpensiveLook amazing on your big day without going broke.
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    How I Got My Valentino Wedding Dress for 90 Percent OffI was a bride who wanted a bargain.
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    Let Your Wedding-Prep Team Come to YouA range of new and unexpected in-apartment services, including dance lessons in your living room, makeup in your bathroom, and a bridesmaid-for-hire.
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    Real Wedding Album: A Riverfront Factory Party“We wanted it to feel comfortable and homey — not that sense where people couldn’t touch anything.”
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    7 Light-Up-Your-Face Earrings for Your WeddingAdd the ring, and your accessories are done.
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    15 Unexpected Suits for the GroomFresh-from-the-runway looks that incorporate texture, shine, and patterns in new ways.
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    Real Wedding Album: A Fall Farm Gathering“There were turkeys and goats running around. It was very different for a lot of city folks.”
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    These Flats Are Fancy Enough to Replace Your Wedding HeelsAs pretty as stilettos, but less tripping down the aisle.
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    Real Wedding Album: A Chinese Banquet With 10 Courses“I was happy to accommodate any Chinese tradition because I know it’s important to Kristina’s family. Plus, Jews really like Chinese food.”
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    55 Classic Wedding Gowns With a KickThe dresses of the season are finished with organza ruffles, sheer clavicles, and lots of other little surprises.
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    Real Wedding Album: A Snowed-in Sleepover“I was expecting that people couldn’t get there, so when I walked in and saw everyone, I burst into sobs.”
  12. 5 Wedding Experts Share Their Insider TipsEssential advice from a stationer, ring designer, spray tanner, and more.
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    32 Great New Ideas for Your Wedding RegistryPortuguese coffee pots, cheese-of-the-month clubs, and beautiful umbrellas — plus a few favorite items of recently married couples.
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    Real Wedding Album: A Cross-Country Affair for a West-Coast Couple“We wanted something slightly alternative, but not to the point where our family was like, ‘Is this a wedding?’ ”
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    Real Wedding Album: A Musical Evening in BrooklynA mariachi band got the party started, followed by a New Orleans marching band, a seven-piece orchestra, and a DJ who played funk and jazz tunes.
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    18 Minimalist Wedding Bouquets That Won’t Hide Your DressSo all eyes are on you.
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    8 Statement-Making Wedding InvitationsDraw them in with a dramatic palette.
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    Real Wedding Album: A Fall Feast With Caribbean Influences“We knew we wanted a club feel, but still elegant.”
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    How to Have a Bachelor(ette) Party in the Middle of the WoodsTips and tricks on taking the party far, far away from Caesars Palace.
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    The Season’s Most Hypnotic Wedding Gowns Have Details That PopEmbroidered sparkle, black lace trim, horsehair peplum — and other details turn timeless wedding dresses into showstoppers.
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    11 Famous New York Couples With Their Wedding CakesA glimpse into the weddings of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, Gloria Vanderbilt and Sidney Lumet, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Herbert Hutner, and more.