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  1. so you want to be president
    A Very New-Agey Journey Through Marianne Williamson’s TwitterMusings from the 2020 presidential candidate on love, the confines of the mortal self, and Avatar (2009).
  2. self-help
    Woody Harrelson’s Instagram Is My Favorite Self-Help BookHis inspirational memes really make you think.
  3. wisdom
    9 of Willow Smith’s Most Inspirational QuotesLord, grant us 1/1000th of the chill Willow Smith has.
  4. Wisdom Is Just a Temporary State of MindNot a stable personality trait.
  5. joan rivers is a sage
    The Best Pieces of Advice Joan Rivers Ever Gave UsFalling down the rabbit hole really pays off.
  6. quotable
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Teaches People StyleWatch About LoveIt’s more than a haircut.