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Wise Words

  1. wise words
    Helen Mirren’s “Top 5 Rules for a Happy Life” Are Words to Live ByIn a Tulane commencement speech.
  2. wise words
    Nicki Minaj Opens Up About the Insecurities Even Confident Entertainers Can Have“You know what, we win and fail.”
  3. wise words
    Kat Graham on Beauty and Changing the World“I’m doing everything in my power from where I’m standing to challenge the industry.”
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    Dear Diane Von Furstenberg: What’s the Perfect Color for Spring?Plus, her tips on looking chic and notes on wardrobe staples in this week’s installment of WWDVFD?
  5. wwdvfd
    Dear Diane Von Furstenberg: Introducing Our New Advice ColumnToday’s installment: first dates and promotions.