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  1. witchcraft
    Is Megan Fox Hosting a Carcass-Eating Ritual or What?Where is my invite?
  2. rules to live by
    Vanessa Hudgens Goes Where the Spirits Tell HerHer intuition led her to Salem instead of Coachella this year.
  3. sweater weather
    Why Do These Witches Dress So Well?Practical Magic is a crash course in good fall outfits.
  4. in the name of the father
    The Pandemic Turned Me Into a WitchNothing calms isolation anxiety like a spell.
  5. hell year in review
    The Moon Had a Very Exciting Year“Baby witches” tried to hex her, and she was revealed to be a wet-ass planet, among other things.
  6. recommendations
    I Love This Beautiful, Dumb Witch ShowA Discovery of Witches is ideal television: aesthetically pleasing, very dramatic, and you only need to follow like 45 percent of the plot.
  7. the cut shop
    Witches Need T-Shirts, TooEspecially lazy witches.
  8. movies
    Witches Explain How to Summon the Demon in HereditaryIf you’re hoping to invite Paimon into your home, you may need to jailbreak him out of Hell first.
  9. spells
    Witches Are Planning to Hex Trump This FridayThe Facebook group “Mass Spell to Bind Donald Trump Feb. 24th” invites witches to cast a binding spell on Trump.
  10. witches
    Finally, a Parenting Guide for Moms Who Loved The CraftWitchy Mama has tips, advice, and spells you can cast on your baby.
  11. today in donald trump
    Let’s Hex Trump!Witches get stuff done.
  12. witches
    These Witches Dancing to German Reggae Are Having More Fun Than YouOur invitation got lost in the mail.
  13. put a spell on you
    A Group of Witches Hexed Martin ShkreliTime for a hex party!
  14. bitchin’ witches
    Satan Approves of This New Movie About WitchesSee this movie. Also, give him your soul.
  15. the occult
    Witch Says Warlock Is Harassing Her Using Dark Magic Called ‘the Telephone’Happy Halloween!
  16. book excerpt
    The Powerful Appeal of Modern Witchcraft — Even for a SkepticA writer immerses herself in the world of Paganism.
  17. look of the day
    Rihanna Performed in a Glistening Tom Ford Unitard And a cape.
  18. the women who stare at goats
    Angelina Jolie Has Goat-Eyes in MaleficentBy special request.
  19. dubious cleanses
    Three Witches in a Walmart Parking Lot Offer to Cleanse SoulsFor just a few hundred dollars! What could go wrong?
  20. witches
    Adventures in Candle Magic and Minor WitcheryWiccan candles the spiritual equivalent of a $200 night cream?
  21. Style Tribe: The New York Witch FestivalRemember: Not every witch lives in Salem.
  22. witches
    Witch Accusations Are a Real Problem in GhanaA reminder that women accused of witchcraft in Ghana are sent to scary camps for witches.
  23. how’s martha stewart living?
    Martha Stewart Dressed As Glinda the Good Witch Because She Knows Who She IsSometimes self-knowledge comes in pink chiffon. 
  24. bitchin’ witches
    Ten Witches Whose Beauty Regime We’d StealNot a green hair, fuzzy mole, or gnarled nose in sight.