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  1. ‘woke bae’
    A Brief Tour of Joss Whedon’s Many ControversiesActress Charisma Carpenter has accused him of abusive behavior on set. It’s not the only troubling allegation against the director-producer.
  2. ‘woke bae’
    Charisma Carpenter Accuses Joss Whedon of Abusive On-Set BehaviorThe actress, who played Cordelia on Buffy, says she endured a “hostile and toxic workplace,” and was fired after getting pregnant.
  3. woke bae
    Chris Pine Acknowledges “Men Are Not All That Smart”Thus proving that he is smart.
  4. celebrity environmentalism
    Leonardo DiCaprio Wants to Sell You Frozen SeafoodSaving the planet, one frozen dinner at a time.
  5. woke bae
    Matt McGorry Defends Starting a Twitter Feud With Piers Morgan Over BeyoncéThe McGorry-Morgan saga continues.
  6. today in male feminism
    Poor Matt McGorry Just Trying to Be Feminist on TwitterGot more than he bargained for.