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  1. abortion rights 2017
    What Abortion Looks Like in America Right NowSeven stories about a pro-choice movement under attack.
  2. Iowa Lawmakers Suggest Women Go to a Dentist Instead of Planned ParenthoodThe list of women’s-health providers state lawmakers said they’d be happy to fund included a few questionable choices.
  3. reproductive wrongs
    ACLU Sues Kentucky After Gov. Matt Bevin Signs Two Abortion Bills [Updated]ACLU is challenging Kentucky after the governor signed into law a measure that would also require abortion providers give a patient an ultrasound.
  4. action
    The Women’s Run to D.C. Has Already Raised $35,000 for Planned ParenthoodAnd so many women wanted to run with them that it’s now a relay.
  5. action
    4 Women Are Running From New York to D.C. to Raise Money for Planned ParenthoodThey’ll cover 240 miles in five days.
  6. reproductive wrongs
    This Is the Most Ironic Thing an Anti-Choice Lawmaker Has Ever SaidMatt Bevin will probably be proofreading his tweets more carefully.
  7. reproductive rights
    9 Things People Get Wrong About Planned ParenthoodKnowledge is power.
  8. morning sickness
    The Morning Sickness Drug Kim Kardashian Endorsed Is Being QuestionedCanadian scientists are questioning Diclegis’s efficacy.
  9. periods
    Could This Be the Cause of Severe PMS?Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) could be the result of rogue genes.
  10. women’s health
    Texas Makes Final Move to Stop Funding to Planned ParenthoodHealth officials in Texas filed a legal notice to end the program’s Medicaid funding.
  11. Scientists Finally Figured Out How Pregnancy Changes a Woman’s BrainPregnant women lose gray matter in the “social cognition” part of their brains.
  12. politics
    This Holiday Season, Give the Women in Your Life the Gift of Reproductive RightsThe Daily Show has some great gift ideas.
  13. Horrible Texas Rule Requiring Women to Cremate Fetal Remains Temporarily BlockedA judge issued a temporary restraining order against the regulations.
  14. frontiers in fertility
    Here’s the First Woman to Have a Baby Using an Ovary Frozen Before PubertyShe underwent chemotherapy when she was 9.
  15. women’s health
    It’ll Soon Be Illegal to Defund Planned Parenthood Just for Providing AbortionsOn the state level, at least.
  16. Being Denied an Abortion Is Worse for Women’s Mental Health Than Getting OneA study found that abortion isn’t linked to negative mental-health consequences.
  17. Activists Just Scored a Major Victory for Abortion Rights in OklahomaOklahoma Supreme Court blocked a law requiring hospital-admitting privileges for abortion doctors.
  18. Abortion Activists Are Fighting Back Against Texas’s Fetal-Remains RuleThe lawsuit seeks to block the rule from being implemented.
  19. Breast-Cancer Death Rates in the U.S. Have Dropped by 42 PercentIt’s likely because of advancements in detection and treatment.
  20. actually good things
    Here Are 11 Good Things Worth Celebrating That Happened in 2016Because some good things happened.
  21. politics
    Anti-Choice Politician Says He’s ‘Never Thought About’ Why Women Choose AbortionHe thinks it might have to do with “economics.”
  22. how sweet
    Here’s How Many Planned Parenthood Donations Have Been Made in Mike Pence’s NameHow generous.
  23. Here’s Why the 6-Week Abortion Ban in Ohio Is So TerrifyingMost women don’t know they’re pregnant at six weeks.
  24. abortion rights
    Ohio Legislature Approves Ultrastrict ‘Heartbeat Bill’ on AbortionThe bill would restrict abortions at the first sign of a fetal heartbeat, typically around six weeks into a pregnancy.
  25. There’s a New Way to Induce Labor That Takes Much Less TimeThe method may save 2.4 million hours of labor each year.
  26. hear us out
    Pro-Choice Policy Actually Reduces the Abortion RatePresenting some enlightening stats.
  27. women’s health
    New Texas Health Rules Will Require Fetal Remains to Be Cremated or BuriedNew rules set to take effect mid-December prohibit hospitals or abortion providers from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills.
  28. body positivity
    Danielle Brooks Gave Herself a Quick Self-esteem Check at the Gym“Today’s Danielle is better than yesterday’s.”
  29. Abortion Rates Are the Lowest They’ve Been in DecadesThe rate is essentially back to what it was before the passage of Roe v. Wade.
  30. Here’s How Trump’s Presidency Could Make It Harder for You to Get Birth ControlTwenty-seven percent of women and 44 percent of low-income women get their contraceptives from a publicly funded clinic.
  31. It’s Not Just American Women Who May Be Harmed by Donald Trump’s PresidencyHe’s expected to reinstate a rule restricting global abortion rights.
  32. we won’t go back
    5 Ways You Can Help Planned ParenthoodGet involved and help their doors stay open.
  33. women’s health
    New at-Home Device Might Make Breast Reconstruction Easier for WomenThe small, inflatable pouch allows women to gradually stretch their breast tissue and make room for an implant.
  34. the trump effect
    How, Exactly, Could Trump Get Rid of Free Birth Control?Obamacare’s contraception mandate could be on the chopping block.
  35. things that pay off
    Why Birth Control Should Be FreeIt’s powerful preventive care unlike almost anything else in medicine.
  36. thanks birth control
    Women Are Taking to Social Media to Share How Birth Control Has Helped Them#ThxBirthControl campaign asks people to share stories about contraception.
  37. Could a Trump Administration Overturn Roe v. Wade?Trump poses a serious risk to women’s reproductive rights.
  38. reproductive wrongs
    Paul Ryan Dodges Free Birth Control Question on CNNAnd Jake Tapper isn’t having it.
  39. women’s health
    There’s a New Study Examining the Possibility of Getting Abortion Pills by MailThe study is currently only open to residents of New York, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.
  40. reproductive wrongs
    What Will Women’s Health Care Look Like Now?Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has been great for women’s health.
  41. birth control
    Here’s Why Everyone Is Saying to Get an IUD TodayThe Trump-Pence administration could have disastrous effects on women’s health.
  42. personality tests
    11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting an IUDThe pill can be great, but it’s understandable if you’re ready to move on.
  43. explainers
    Which IUD Should You Get?The pros and cons of the five T-shaped soldiers available.
  44. let’s get real
    The Best Way to End Poverty Is to Start With Birth ControlMelinda Gates on the underlying mission of her family-planning campaign.
  45. lawsuits
    Can Baby Powder Cause Cancer? A Woman Just Won a $70M Lawsuit Saying YesThe plaintiff argued that she developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s baby powder for 45 years.
  46. reproductive rights
    Is This the Turning Point for the Abortion Pill?More women in the U.S. are having abortions via medication, not surgery.
  47. rise of the machines
    Would You Let This Terrifying Robot Be Your Gynecologist?The robot “gynecologist” performs noninvasive surgeries.
  48. reproductive wrongs
    Hospital Refused to Tie Woman’s Tubes Even Though Pregnancy Could Kill HerThe ACLU has filed a federal complaint on her behalf.
  49. pregnancy
    Here’s How Bad Relationships Can Put Pregnant Women’s Health at RiskRelationship stress can also affect their children’s health.
  50. reproductive rights
    Women Seeking Abortions Are Sure About Their Choice Before Walking Into a ClinicThose mandatory waiting periods serve what purpose, exactly?
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