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Women’s Health

  1. warnings
    Thanks to Zika, Pregnant Women Told to Consider Not Traveling to Southeast AsiaSame goes for women trying to get pregnant.
  2. mental health
    Your Hormonal Birth Control Could Be Making You DepressedA new study suggests that it might be.
  3. shmashmortion
    The President of NARAL on What Abortion Means in This ElectionIt signals how the candidates feel about women.
  4. mission impossible
    It’s Way Harder Than It Should Be to Get a DiaphragmOnly 3.1 percent of women have used one, and doctors’ offices aren’t exactly encouraging.
  5. women’s health
    Women Are Still Misinformed About IUDs and ImplantsThey know way more about condoms, pills, and the pullout method.
  6. awful things
    Fertility Doctor Allegedly Used His Own Sperm 50 Times on PatientsHe told them the sperm was donated by med students.
  7. women’s health
    New Rule Would Prevent States From Defunding Abortion ProvidersThe Obama administration introduced a new rule that would block states from defunding Planned Parenthood for frivolous reasons.
  8. women’s health
    Michigan Hospital Refused to Treat a Woman’s Miscarriage on Religious PrinciplesAnd a Michigan court just ruled that the hospital won’t be held legally responsible.
  9. obvious things
    You’ll Never Guess Why the Teen Birthrate Has Declined by Almost 50 PercentIt might have to do with contraception.
  10. women’s health
    Pregnancy-Related Deaths Doubled in Texas After Abortion Clinics ClosedFunny how those two things coincide.
  11. hold on to your ovaries
    The 5 Worst Decisions Mike Pence Has Made About Women’s HealthTrump’s pick for VP is a loser on reproductive health.
  12. the future is now
    These Apps Let You Get the Pill and Skip the Pelvic ExamUber for your uterus.
  13. speculums and such
    Annual Pelvic Exams Don’t Do Much Other Than Make You UncomfortableIn the future, doctors may take a less hands-on approach.
  14. church and state
    Catholic Hospitals Must Offer Abortion ReferralsA new bill in Illinois seeks to preserve women’s reproductive rights.
  15. shmashmortion
    Ireland’s Abortion Ban Is Cruel, Inhuman, and Discriminatory, Says U.N.A United Nations panel says the ban violated an Irish woman’s human rights.
  16. reproductive wrongs
    Would You Look at That? Anti-Abortion Laws Don’t Actually Reduce AbortionsWell, well, well. Look what we have here.
  17. reproductive wrongs
    Catholic Hospitals Denying Emergency Repro CareSome miscarriages require medical intervention. A new report says hundreds of Catholic hospitals put women’s health at risk.
  18. vaginas
    Johnson & Johnson Loses Another Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Over Its Baby PowderThe jury awarded $55 million to a South Dakota woman with ovarian cancer.
  19. video
    Amy Schumer Imagines If Congress Was Your GynoHonestly not that far-fetched.
  20. menstruation taxation
    Bill to Nix Tampon Tax Unanimously Passes New York SenateAnd it’s headed straight to Governor Cuomo’s desk.
  21. shmashmortion
    More Young Docs Want to Be Abortion ProvidersTake that, anti-choice legislation.
  22. vagina talk
    Meet Twitter’s Resident GynecologistJennifer Gunter is helping to spread the truth about women’s bodies, one tweet at a time.
  23. the worst
    The Country’s First Uterus Transplant Failed Because of a Yeast InfectionYeast infections continue to be the worst.
  24. Rick Scott Ad Attacks Woman Who Called Him OutWatch out, “Latte Liberals”!
  25. what war on women?
    ScarJo Says Planned Parenthood Attacks Are NutsScarlett Johansson said a thing that needed to be said.
  26. yaburnt
    Florida Woman Rips Gov. Rick Scott at StarbucksShine on, Cara Jennings.
  27. patches and pills and rings oh my
    Women in California Can Now Get Birth Control From a PharmacistCalifornia is the third state to offer birth control via a pharmacist.
  28. nethers
    How Vagina Shame Led to These Incredibly Sad Cancer LawsuitsMarketing campaigns implied that women were unclean.
  29. brick walls
    Hero Gov. Vetoes Anti-Planned Parenthood Bill*Sunglasses emoji.*
  30. shmashmortion
    Fewer Women in Texas Are Getting Abortions, But Not Because They Don’t Need ThemNew Mexico is there for women, but it’s not filling the humongous gap left by Texas.
  31. modern conveniences
    Brooklyn Vending Machine Stocked With Plan BA one-stop destination.
  32. yaburnt
    Hillary Clinton Says Abortion Isn’t a Right If It’s LimitedThank you, HRC. 
  33. shmashmortion
    Anti-Abortion Texas Lawmaker Has No Idea How Abortion WorksAs Samantha Bee helpfully explains to him.
  34. women’s health
    Women Tell Abortion Stories to Supreme CourtThe women are hoping to sway Justice Kennedy’s decision in a big case on Wednesday.
  35. Yet Another Politician Doesn’t Understand Biology, Conception, RapeScience is hard; unfounded opinions are so much easier.
  36. Cecile Richards Says Social Media’s Good for FeminismPlanned Parenthood is looking to get in the app game.
  37. repro rights
    An Estimated 100,000 Women in Texas Have Attempted to Self-Induce an AbortionA new study reveals devastating numbers. 
  38. reproductive rights
    The Majority of Americans Support Federal Funding for Planned ParenthoodTurns out the country is down with things like reproductive care and maternal health.
  39. goop
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Food Company Will Be WeirdThere will be kale, oh yes, there will be kale.
  40. Why the IUD Can’t Beat Its Bad Reputation Some behavioral insights into why we shy away from the most effective birth control on the market.
  41. quotables
    Todd Akins Abound in Virginia RacesThree GOP nominees have a history of saying crazy things about women.
  42. roe v. wade
    Fifteen Women (and a Few Men) on AbortingRelief, regret, and everything in between — or nothing at all.
  43. good one
    Pro-Life Pregnancy Crisis Centers Need Our Tax Dollars Too!Preferably the ones currently going to Planned Parenthood.
  44. pill baby pill
    Another Judge Blocks Obama’s Contraception MandateHere we come, Supreme Court!
  45. stds
    Study: HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Make Girls More PromiscuousBecause that would be way worse than them getting cancer. 
  46. the war on women
    Texas Will Now Defund Planned ParenthoodGovernor Rick Perry calls it a “win for Texas women.” 
  47. friends with benefits
    Women’s Health Partners With Gilt GroupeThe magazine’s editors are “curating” a sale.
  48. eff the recession
    Vogue’s Newsstand Sales Fell 15 Percent in the Last Half of 2009Sales of ‘Allure’ were down more than 17 percent.
  49. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe Still Plagued by Stomach IssuesThe stylist is NOT feeling well.
  50. beauty marks
    Since When Is Going to the Gyno a Spa Experience?