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Women’s Issues

  1. politics
    Sarah Silverman Slid Into Ivanka Trump’s DMs to Tell Her to Stand Up for WomenSurprise: It didn’t work.
  2. politics
    Donald Trump’s Answer to Women’s Issues Is to Put Ivanka on the Phone“Uh, here … talk to my daughter.”
  3. reflections
    In an Essay, Lady Gaga Muses on the Strong Women in Her Life“Being a lady today means being a fighter.”
  4. politics
    Ivanka Trump Says She’ll Keep Fighting for Women’s IssuesJust, you know, not in a “formal administrative capacity.”
  5. election 2016
    Ivanka Trump ‘Liked’ a Tweet About Her Dad Calling Her ‘a Piece of Ass’Well, that was unexpected.
  6. Ivanka Trump Is Great for Women, Says Man Married to Ivanka TrumpIvanka Trump is the perfect person to handle “women’s issues,” according to her husband.
  7. Huh, Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Very Much for Women’She also said he could be an advocate for the LGBT community.
  8. 4 Facts That Prove Maternity Leave in the U.S. Is a Total DisasterGet it together, America.
  9. cosmetic enhancement
    Dye Jobs: Not Just for Graying Hair AnymoreA product to restore the flush of younger days.
  10. reading is fundamental
    Robbie Myers, the Woman Who Is Defending Women’s MagazinesShe knows that you’re criticizing Elle, which she edits, without even reading it first.
  11. body politic
    The Daughter Problem: Obama and Teen Girl Sex PanicThe president may be setting policies based on his preteen daughters, but all women have to live with the consequences.
  12. women’s issues
    Sotomayor Rules in Favor of Contraceptives, Against Hobby LobbyEmployers, take note.
  13. video
    Kristen Schaal Shows GOP How to Appeal to Women“They have to frame their arguments through the prism of the vagina.”