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Women’s Tennis

  1. tennis outfit court
    Billie Jean King Says Men Are Not Held to the Same Standards As Women in TennisThe tennis legend spoke with the Cut following her defense of Serena Williams’s now-banned bodysuit.
  2. 2016 olympics
    Monica Puig Wins First Olympic Gold Medal for Puerto RicoPuig won the women’s singles tournament in tennis.
  3. money in the bank
    Serena Williams’s Wimbledon Prize Is About $380,000 Less, Thanks to BrexitBlame it on the lowered value of the pound.
  4. Who at Nike Thought a Babydoll Dress Would Be Easy to Play Tennis In?Equal prize money first, better dresses next?
  5. ugh
    Chris Christie Doesn’t Watch Women’s Tennis Out of Love for the Sport Today in opinions no one asked for.
  6. foot in mouth syndrome
    Rich Dudes Really Can’t Stop Saying Offensive Stuff About Women’s TennisA big year for tennis gaffes. 
  7. wellness theories
    Ana Ivanovic on Ice Baths, Jet Lag, and Treating Yourself“It’s important the first few days to try and stay up until at least nine in the evening.”