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Women In Comedy

  1. no thanks
    Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend Masterfully Shoos Away PhotographersHint: Turn the spotlight.
  2. cut cover story
    With Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge Has an Agenda. But Not the One You Think.Her dark, funny show isn’t just another anti-heroine comedy.
  3. women in comedy
    Kaitlin Olson Never Wanted to Be Just the ‘Girl Character’After 12 years as Dee Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny, Olson is stepping into the shoes of another interesting character.
  4. make it work
    Leslie Jones Is in a Steamy Saturday Night Live Love Triangle in This ShortYou know what they say about dating your co-workers …
  5. women in comedy
    TV Comedy Is a Twisted Trip Through the Female Psyche, and It’s AmazingCharacters who might have once been relegated to the role of quirky sidekick have their stories front and center.
  6. women in comedy
    Ari Graynor Bombed Stand-up on PurposeIt was practice for her new show, I’m Dying Up Here.
  7. women in comedy
    Ali Wong Gets Real About Work/Life Balance at Opening CeremonyAnd why she’s the one who really deserves a trophy.
  8. political statements
    Opening Ceremony’s Funny, Political Show Redeemed Fashion WeekStarring Aidy Bryant, Ali Wong, Whoopi Goldberg, and more.
  9. movies
    Sex Is Funny. Love Is Funny. So Where Are All the Great New Romantic Comedies?People aren’t “tired” of funny stories about love.
  10. everyday sexism
    Don’t You Dare Heckle Amy SchumerYour ass will be on the curb.
  11. women in comedy
    Female Comedians Agree: Men Just Aren’t FunnySamantha Bee, Tracee Ellis Ross, Allison Janney, Kate McKinnon and Niecy Nash weigh in.
  12. happy father’s day
    George Washington Can’t Handle Being a StepdadIt’s weird when he’s the father of America, too.
  13. women in comedy
    The Best Advice for Aspiring Women in ComedyFrom Ali Wong, Nikki Glaser, Leslie Jones, and more.
  14. women in comedy
    This Is Mom Traffic Control, in Real Time “Team one, what is your location?”
  15. women in comedy
    Cry Every Day — The Right WayTake a long look in the mirror.
  16. funny women
    Damn, It’s a Good Time for Funny Women on TVWe’ve got room to do better, but today’s comedy lineup offers a wealth we’ve never seen before.
  17. interview
    TV’s Realest New Mom on Being a Woman in ComedyAn interview with Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan.
  18. women in comedy
    Hark, a Clueless Millennial Tries to Teach the Value of Sorry Not SorryA blessing and a curse to say sorry then not sorry.
  19. women in comedy
    Rose Byrne Would Like You to Try ‘Carerobics’In a video from new female-driven comedy site PYPO.
  20. Here Are Some of the Creepy Things Women in Comedy Say They’ve Put Up With“He told me he was going to kill himself if I didn’t sleep with him.”
  21. sister act
    Teen Amy Schumer Had A Walk to Remember Comedy RoutineAs remembered by her sister Kim.
  22. Are You a Woman in Comedy Who’s Been Harassed? This Org Wants to HelpThere’s an organization that wants to help.
  23. are women funny?
    Kristen Wiig Is Tired of the ‘Women in Comedy’ QuestionAn argument against gendered interviews.
  24. games
    Meet the Woman Giving Cards Against Humanity a Makeover“Ladies Against Humanity” plays the Georgia “That’s Not a Flower” O’Keeffe card.
  25. SNL Auditioned Black Female Cast MembersFinally.