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Women In Hollywood

  1. profiles
    Melissa Barrera Is New in TownOn Vida, the telenovela veteran explores a Mexican-American L.A. community.
  2. how i get it done
    How Women Filmmakers Get It DoneDirectors Olivia Milch, Dawn Porter, and Susanna White discuss everything from work-life balance to inclusion in Hollywood.
  3. women in hollywood
    5 Practical Strategies That Could Change Hollywood: Inclusion Riders and MoreFrom salary transparency to government funding.
  4. cut covers
    Jameela Jamil Has Found Her Good PlaceThe British TV presenter turned American sitcom star embraces life as a loose cannon.
  5. solidarity
    Jessica Chastain Battled Producers to Get Octavia Spencer a Salary BoostIn their next movie.
  6. spreadsheet activism
    Google Doc Filled With TV Writers’ Salaries Is Already Showing Pay GapEntries in the spreadsheet indicate disparities between men, women, and people of color.
  7. sex crimes
    L.A. Prosecutors Form Special Sexual-Assault Task ForceSix veteran sex-crimes prosecutors will respond to claims of sexual abuse in Hollywood.
  8. women in hollywood
    Michelle Pfeiffer Says Sexual Harassment in Hollywood Is ‘Systemic’“There really hasn’t been one woman that I’ve talked to who hasn’t had an experience,” Pfeiffer said.
  9. #me too
    30 Women Accuse Film Director James Toback of Sexual HarassmentIn a new report from the L.A. Times.
  10. women in hollywood
    Sarah Polley Says She Rejected Weinstein’s Proposal for a ‘Close Relationship’The writer, actress, and director shares her experience in a New York Times op-ed.
  11. women in hollywood
    Watch Kate McKinnon Compare Harvey Weinstein’s Face to a PenisSNL hosted a faux–women’s panel on sexual harassment in Hollywood.
  12. women in hollywood
    Big Little Lies Stars Proved Female Friendship Is More Than a MemeBig Little Lies swept last night’s Emmys and reminded us how important it is for women to amplify each other’s voices.
  13. women in hollywood
    Nicole Kidman’s One-Woman Plan to Make Hollywood a Better PlaceThe actress is pledging to work with a female director every 18 months.
  14. roll clip!
    Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon Are Hollywood Legends in This SNL Sketch“That’s Tinseltown, baby!”
  15. women in hollywood
    Even Female Film Critics Were Crappy to Barbra Streisand When She Was a DirectorHollywood, can you hear me?
  16. women in film
    Marvel VP of Sales Says Fans Seem Uninterested in Diversity or Female Characters“What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity. They didn’t want female characters out there.”
  17. motherhood
    Scarlett Johansson Says Nursing Helped Her Stay GroundedIn doing so, she gives a subtle rebuttal to her ex’s insinuation that her schedule is too busy to care for her daughter.
  18. women in hollywood
    Jill Soloway on the Importance of Mentoring Female DirectorsSoloway was the keynote speaker at the film portion of SXSW.
  19. women in hollywood
    Why Before I Fall Will Make Ry Russo-Young a Household NameThe indie director on her new movie, clawing her way up the film circuit, and the evolution of the teen girl.
  20. women in hollywood
    Ryan Murphy Wants to Solve Hollywood’s Gender ProblemThe Half Foundation is dedicated to diversity behind the scenes of his projects.
  21. women in hollywood
    The Female Directors of XX Are Exorcising Their Demons OnscreenSt. Vincent, Roxanne Benjamin, Jovanka Vuckovic, and Sofìa Carrillo talk murder, mayhem, and male directors.
  22. wrinkles in time
    10 Recent Films About Complicated Women Over 40A highly subjective list.
  23. chat room
    No One Even Noticed Isla Fisher Used Amy Adams’s Face on Her Holiday CardsLuckily, Amy Adams thought it was hilarious.
  24. women in hollywood
    Hidden Figures Shows How a Bathroom Break Can Change HistoryThe most memorable scenes in Hidden Figures, the new biopic about the black women of NASA, take place in and around a women’s bathroom.
  25. milestones
    Viola Davis Was Honored With the First Hollywood Walk of Fame Star of 2017While reflecting on her life, the actress spoke about finding the meaning in the story of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.
  26. r.i.p.
    Debbie Reynolds Has Died, One Day After the Death of Daughter Carrie FisherReynolds was hospitalized on Wednesday in Los Angeles after a medical emergency.
  27. Janelle Monáe Talks About the Women Who Really Made American Great AgainThe singer turned actress has demonstrated an impressive knack for selecting roles with profound and far-reaching cultural impact.
  28. Sarah Paulson Has No Time for Questions About On-Set Cat Fights“I just think it’s sort of sad, really, that that would be the expectation.”
  29. hidden figures
    Hidden Figures Director Theodore Melfi on Opening Doors for Women“You close the door on women, you close the door on humanity.”
  30. women in hollywood
    Tina Fey: Being a Woman in Power Means Feeling Able to Say No“Feeling like you can say no without negative repercussions is an important kind of power that we can help give each other.”
  31. hollywood sexism
    Hilary Duff Talks About the Impossible Standards Women in Hollywood FaceShe says she was “pigeonholed” for having a baby at a young age.
  32. women in hollywood
    Gabrielle Union Called Out Lena Dunham for Her White-Girl PrivilegeThe actress opened up about race, sexual assault, and how Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation failed women.
  33. women in hollywood
    This French Movie Is Redefining Portrayal of Sexual-Assault Victims On-ScreenIn Elle, a woman avenges her rapist.
  34. women in hollywood
    It’s Probably Not a Great Idea to Give Meryl Streep Acting AdviceNo one tells Meryl how to do her job.
  35. stories
    How Women Champion Each Other in Hollywood15 women in film on their career breakthroughs.
  36. advice
    Helen Mirren Has 5 Tips for World Domination“Never drink alcohol, unless … it’s a day that ends in the letter Y.”
  37. platitudes
    Kristen Stewart Is Tired of the ‘Woman in Hollywood’ Question“I look forward to a time when there’s not a need for a special night for women. When half of the population doesn’t have an asterisk beside it.”
  38. women in tv
    Jessica Jones’ 2nd Season Will Only Feature Female DirectorsShowrunner Melissa Rosenberg announced that all 13 episodes will be directed by women.
  39. women in hollywood
    I Only Want to See Movies in Which the Woman’s Head Is the BiggestAmy Adams’s cranial growth is unstoppable.
  40. women in tv
    Lucy Liu Would Like You to Stop Asking Her About Being an Asian-American Actress“When you go to China, you don’t order Chinese food, you’re just ordering the f*cking food.”
  41. homeland
    Homeland’s First Female President Sounds FamiliarClaire Danes says audiences will feel at least a little bit of the Bern.
  42. women in hollywood
    This Actress Has a Great Argument Against Ageism in Hollywood“You’ll probably be a 70-year-old woman with a 110-year-old boyfriend in a movie, because that’s the age gap that’s allowable.”
  43. women in hollywood
    Transparent’s Melora Hardin on Sexist Red-Carpet Questions“I am definitely a feminist.”
  44. Priyanka Chopra Is the Celebrity Feminist We NeedThe international superstar on what men need to understand about feminism.
  45. Films Directed by Women Have Smaller Budgets, But Bigger ReturnsWomen directors do less with more.
  46. women in hollywood
    Courteney Cox Opens Up to Bear Grylls About Having ‘Done Things’ to Her FaceHe gets it.
  47. anthropoid
    A New Film Shows How Women Helped Defeat the NazisAnthropoid tells the untold story of women in the Czechoslovakian resistance.
  48. cut cover story
    Winona Ryder Forever: How the Gen-X Icon Kept Her Cool“I’m so sick of people shaming women for being sensitive or vulnerable. It’s so bizarre to me.”
  49. women in hollywood
    Ava DuVernay Just Broke a Major Hollywood Glass CeilingWith her upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time.
  50. women in hollywood
    Ellen Pompeo Stayed on Grey’s Anatomy Because of Her Age“My clock was already ticking in Hollywood.”
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