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  1. political protests
    Woman Stares Down a Group of Far-Right ProtestersShe was defending another woman wearing a hijab.
  2. politics
    Women Everywhere Forgive Trump for Everything After Watching 40-Second VideoDonald Trump…thank you.
  3. politics
    Ivanka Trump Will Become an Official White House Employee After AllHer title will be “special assistant to the president.”
  4. politics
    Chelsea Clinton Says She’s Definitely Not Running for OfficeDespite rumors.
  5. politics
    Hillary Clinton Has a New Rhyming MantraClinton gave her first major postelection speech on Tuesday.
  6. politics
    Maxine Waters on Why She Decided ‘to Take the Gloves Off and Go for It’The California Congresswoman didn’t plan to go head-to-head with Trump — but now she’s committed to stopping him.
  7. everyday sexism
    Bill O’Reilly Just Mocked This Congresswoman’s HairThe Fox News host called Congresswoman Maxine Waters’s hair a “James Brown wig.”
  8. women in politics
    The Blaze Has Permanently Banned Tomi LahrenThe suspension is permanent.
  9. love and war
    Huma Abedin Is Reportedly Giving Anthony Weiner Another ShotSorry, Scandal fans.
  10. politics
    12 Inspiring Photos of Politicians Making Choices for YouJust your average year on Capitol Hill.
  11. hillary clinton for mayor?
    Hillary Clinton Is ‘Ready to Come Out of the Woods’There’s more buzz about a possible NYC mayoral run.
  12. politics
    Tomi Lahren Says She’s Pro-ChoiceInteresting logic.
  13. women in politics
    There Are More Women Leaders Than Ever, But They Don’t Hold Power for LongAnd they’re usually replaced by men.
  14. women in politics
    Hillary Clinton Spoke Out About Being Treated Unfairly in the ElectionClinton spoke at a Wellesley College event that was closed to the press.
  15. politics
    GOP Lawmaker Calls Democratic Women in White ‘Poorly Dressed’Representative Kevin Cramer has high sartorial standards, apparently.
  16. politics
    Here’s How Democratic Women Will Honor Suffragettes During Trump’s SpeechA symbolic homage.
  17. women in politics
    The First Latina Senator Wants Women to Stop Second-guessing ThemselvesCatherine Cortez Masto was always surrounded by men.
  18. First They Marched, Now More Than 13,000 Women Are Planning to Run for OfficeOrganizations that recruit women to run for office are seeing an unprecedented spike in interest.
  19. women’s march 2017
    You Can Learn How to Run for Office at the Women’s March on WashingtonEMILY’s List will host training sessions to educate women about running for office.
  20. love and war
    Sheryl Sandberg Wants Young Girls to Grow Up Knowing They Can Be LeadersShe spoke out against teaching gender norms to kids.
  21. politics
    Since the Election, More Than 4,500 Women Have Registered to Run for OfficeThrough the program She Should Run.
  22. women in politics
    Read the Gross Letter a Man Sent a Canadian PM Telling Her How to Dress“The Queen never wore revealing clothes.”
  23. international affairs
    Angela Merkel Will Run for 4th Term As German ChancellorAfter Trump’s victory, some having been calling her the new leader of the free world.
  24. politics
    How to Get More Women Involved in PoliticsIt’s more important than ever that women learn how to get involved in politics so we can be represented at every level of government.
  25. politics
    Hillary Clinton Is the First Candidate to Ever Say This in a Concession SpeechHer speech was historic in more ways than one.
  26. politics
    Ivanka Trump Says She’ll Keep Fighting for Women’s IssuesJust, you know, not in a “formal administrative capacity.”
  27. politics
    This Powerful Elizabeth Warren Interview Will Give You Some Much-Needed Hope“We are not turning this country over to what Donald Trump has sold.”
  28. politics
    British Lawmaker Says He’ll Make Sure Trump Doesn’t Grope Theresa May“Don’t touch her for goodness’ sake!”
  29. politics
    6 Women Who Did Shatter the Glass Ceiling Last NightAs of last night, the U.S. Senate has more women than ever.
  30. politics
    Hillary Clinton Apologizes to Women and Girls in Emotional Concession Speech“I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.”
  31. politics
    A Woman of Color Who Served in Iraq Just Won a Major Senate RaceHers is the first seat to flip in favor of Democrats.
  32. Read These Inspiring Thank-you Notes for Suffragist Ida B. Wells“Thank you for your sacrifice and the struggle to bring equality to our nation.”
  33. women in politics
    Women Are Putting ‘I Voted’ Stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s GraveThe gravesite will be open extra hours on Election Day so people can pay their respects until the polls close.
  34. politics
    This Start-up Registered a Mind-Blowing 95,000 Women to VoteTheSkimm and its readers — most of whom are millennial women — are a force to be reckoned with.
  35. politics
    The Candidate Who Wants to Change the Way You Think About Women’s IssuesZephyr Teachout’s campaign represents a new way for women to make themselves heard, both on and off the ballot.
  36. women in politics
    All the Female Senators Who’ve Spoken Out About Being Sexually HarassedIn most cases, by their male colleagues.
  37. women in politics
    California’s First New Senator in 24 Years Will Be a Woman, But Which One?Democrats Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez are running for the same seat; here’s where they stand on the issues.
  38. women in politics
    Women Now Make Up Almost Half of Iceland’s ParliamentThey won a record 30 seats.
  39. politics
    Female Politicians Are More Likely to Face Threats of Rape and ViolenceMore than 40 percent of female politicians said they’d been threatened with rape, beatings, or abduction.
  40. women in politics
    The Surprising Way the Trump Campaign Is Helping Democratic WomenDemocratic women running for office say they’ve seen an uptick in support thanks to Trump.
  41. money talks
    7 Women’s Organizations to Donate to Instead of Buying a T-ShirtThat “pussy grabs back” tee is cute, but why not donate directly to Planned Parenthood?
  42. politics
    6 Surprising Champions of Women From the 2016 ElectionTrump’s remarks about women have made him some surprising enemies.
  43. melania moments
    Melania Trump Is Apparently a Big Fan of the Pussy Bow — She Wore It AgainIt was much more subtle this time.
  44. politics
    Supporting Hillary While Reckoning With Bill’s Sexual PastThe way many of us understand sexual assault and the abuse of power dynamics has changed dramatically since the ’90s.
  45. politics
    A Student Showed Up to a Donald Trump Event Wearing a ‘Grab My Pussy’ ShirtAnd she got some interestingly creepy reactions.
  46. 2016 presidential campaign
    These Two Maps Prove This Election Is All About GenderAnd if Trump loses in November, it’s no thanks to men.
  47. everyday sexism
    Republican Women Are Fed Up With the GOP’s Blatant SexismThey’re tired of standing behind a party that won’t disavow Donald Trump.
  48. politics
    Not Even Republican Women Can Bring Themselves to Vote for Donald TrumpTrump is losing big with white, college-educated women – including Republicans.
  49. Here Are the 5 Most Random Anecdotes From Tiffany Trump’s New York Times ProfileShe did the photo shoot, though.
  50. everyday sexism
    Here’s One Reason Why Women Are Underrepresented in PoliticsIt starts at the local level.
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