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    Study Finds Women Who Were Into The X-Files Are More Likely to Work in STEMIt’s “the Scully Effect.”
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    Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Wins First Place in European CompetitionThey invented a solar-powered robot that could help small-scale farmers in their fields.
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    Female Scientists Will Be Honored in a Light Show at Grand CentralThe installation is part of GE’s campaign to close the gender gap in STEM by 2020.
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    Betsy DeVos and Ivanka Trump Totally Left This Little Girl HangingShe just wanted to ask a question.
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    The Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Will Be Allowed to Attend U.S. CompetitionThe team of six girls have arrived in Kabul to receive documentation.
  6. Could a Two-Hour Workshop Help Get More Women Hired in STEM?A promising new study shows workshops designed to break people’s “bias habits” could help get more women hired in STEM fields.
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    The Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Was Just Denied Entry to the U.S. AgainThe six teenage girls wanted to travel to the U.S. for a robotics competition, but their visa applications were denied twice.
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    Yet Another Man of Science Cannot Deal With WomenA Nobel Laureate has resigned over comments about his “trouble with girls.”