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Women In The Military

  1. The White House Says Women Should Be Required to Register for the Military DraftPresident Obama’s wants gender equality in the Selective Service.
  2. military sexual assault
    The Military Failed Survivors of Sexual AssaultSome veterans who reported sexual assault lost their careers before military reforms took place.
  3. women in the military
    Guess Women Won’t Be Required to Register for the Draft Anytime SoonBut the Senate is still discussing.
  4. women in the military
    Top U.S. Military Officers Say It’s Time Women Register for the Draft“Every American who’s physically qualified should register for the draft.”
  5. love and literally war
    All Combat Roles in the Military Will Be Open to Women, Pentagon SaysExemptions to the rule must be justified.
  6. Veteran to Marine Corps: Stop With the Casual Rape JokesThe Marine Corps. thinks flip-flops are more offensive than rape jokes.