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Women In The Workplace

  1. sexual harassment
    Men Are Worried They Can’t Hug Their Female Colleagues AnymoreOkay.
  2. women in the workplace
    Gilly Needs to Tell Sam to Shut Up on Game of ThronesOn last night’s Game of Thrones, Sam interrupted Gilly in the middle of one of the show’s most important revelations.
  3. More Women Politicians Could Mean Fewer Infant DeathsNew research shows an effect of gender equality in the legislature.
  4. Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Is Trying Really Hard Not to Be PoliticalBecause, its president said, gender equality “transcends politics.”
  5. lean in
    Sheryl Sandberg Says Leaning in Hasn’t Made Women Better Off“Overall, we are not seeing a major increase in female leadership in any industry or in any government.”
  6. workplace sexual harassment
    Gretchen Carlson Was Afraid She’d Be Labeled a ‘Troublemaker’She was on 20/20 to discuss her experiences with sexual harassment.
  7. women in the workplace
    Kelly Ripa, Sharon Osbourne, and the Power of the Personal DayWe should all take more.
  8. women in the workplace
    Another Reason to Be Nice to Waitresses and NursesAnd nurses, and other women in service jobs — their health may depend on it. 
  9. women in the workplace
    Study: Working With Too Many Men Is Bad for Your Health The pink ghetto has its perks.
  10. modest proposals
    The Art of Being UnderestimatedWhat if we could be using stereotypes in our favor?
  11. not having it all
    Millennial Women Have Evolved Beyond Lean InYoung women are making room for career flexibility to have children.
  12. women in the workplace
    Hillary Clinton Knows What It Takes for You to Get Ready in the MorningThe presidential hopeful is no stranger to the “aesthetic tax” on women.