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  1. ‘How I Get It Done’ Panelists Share Their Secrets to SuccessZerlina Maxwell, Linda Wells, and Karen Wong on maintaining a work-life balance, learning from past mistakes and breaking the glass ceiling.
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    Ivanka to Empower Women in India, Just Not Necessarily the Women Working for HerShe has remained quiet about the working conditions of the women she employs in Asian countries.
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    New Report Shows Ivanka Trump Made $12.6 Million Since 2016Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made $212 million in income since early 2016.
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    Someone Rearranged Ivanka Trump’s Barnes & Noble Book Display and It’s PerfectIt’s beautiful.
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    Ivanka Trump Is Hard at Work in Washington — But for Whom?The First Daughter is a different kind of people’s princess, devoted to the needs of a waning king.
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    Women Who Work Is New York Times’ 4th-Best-Selling ‘Miscellaneous’ BookAlongside such titles as Blast the Sugar Out!
  7. Samantha Bee Tearing Apart Ivanka Trump’s Book Is So SatisfyingWomen Who Work contains more fonts than original thoughts.”
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    Tiffany Trump Hasn’t Started Reading Ivanka’s Book But She Totally Will SoonGuess Tiff didn’t get an advance copy.
  9. Jane Goodall Speaks Out After Ivanka Trump Quoted Her in New Book“I sincerely hope she will take the full import of my words to heart.”
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    Career Advice From a High-Powered BusinessladyOn the release day of Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work, I, a high-powered businesslady, have some advice to give, too.
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    6 Things We Learned About Ivanka Trump From Her New York Times ProfileShe wasn’t interested in feminism — until she realized she could profit from it.
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    The Preface to Ivanka Trump’s Book, Written by a Woman Who Actually WorksA few notes on Ivanka Trump’s new book’s preface.
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    Here’s Why Ivanka Trump Scrapped Her Women Who Work Book TourTo “avoid the appearance of using [her] official role to promote the book.”
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    Ivanka Trump Will Attend a Summit on ‘Women’s Economic Empowerment’ in GermanyShe’ll represent the United States.
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    Ivanka Trump Should Show Us the Women Who Work to Make Her Life PossibleWho’s watching the kids and cleaning those tasteful sheathes?