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  1. power
    What to Know About the Protests in IranSince Mahsa Amini’s death, Iranian forces have killed more than 500 protesters, including women and children.
  2. power
    New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Cancels Her Wedding Due to Omicron“I am no different to, dare I say it, thousands of other New Zealanders.”
  3. shang chi
    An Appreciation of the Women of Shang-ChiDon’t forget about the other heroines in this superhero movie.
  4. music
    Celebrate Your WAP Today#Supportwomen.
  5. international women’s day
    Thousands of Women Marched for International Women’s DayOn Sunday, women around the world took to the streets to protest femicide, fascism, and discriminatory labor practices.
  6. the bigger picture
    ‘I Don’t Think a Man Could Have Taken the Picture’National Geographic celebrates 130 years of photographing women across the globe.
  7. friendship
    Group of Friends Makes Pact to Retire and Die TogetherA group of seven women in China built a three-level glass house where they will retire together.
  8. dalai lama
    The Dalai Lama Says He Was Just Joking About His Successor Needing to Be Hot“He is deeply sorry that people have been hurt by what he said and offers his sincere apologies.”
  9. are men funny?
    The Best Way to Get Promoted Is to Be Hopelessly Dull and EarnestApparently only men can be funny at work and succeed.
  10. reading the signs
    Lee Radziwill and the Cinderella TrapGlamorous in life and even after death, the princess was forever compared to her sister.
  11. hot shot
    The Women of Congress Are Wearing White to Trump’s SOTU As an Act of SolidarityThey gave speeches on gender equality while dressed to honor the suffragettes.
  12. reading the signs
    How Donald Trump Uses the Female Body As a WeaponThe White House co-opts the language of #MeToo to punish a CNN reporter.
  13. motherhood
    Not All Women Are Waiting Until Their Late 20s to Become MothersA new report shows how much education and geography influence the average age of first-time mothers.
  14. the skin we’re in
    25 Famous People on Taking Care of Their SkinSkin-care tips from Kristen Stewart, Cate Blanchett, and Justin Bieber.
  15. women’s rights
    Women in Saudi Arabia Legally Get Behind the Wheel for the First Time EverOn June 24, the country officially lifted its decades-long ban on women driving.
  16. beauty
    Why Isabella Rossellini Took Lancôme BackThey publicly fired her for being over 40. Now, after 14 years, she’s back and delighted.
  17. women in politics
    A Record Number of Women Are Running for the U.S. House of RepresentativesAnd the majority of them are Democrats.
  18. women at work
    What Would a World Designed by Women Look Like?As more women rise to power in the architecture world, we’re starting to find out.
  19. photography
    What Does It Mean to Dress Like a Woman?From Bangladeshi garment workers to U.S. First Ladies: portraits of women at work.
  20. franchises
    More Than 180 Women Across the U.S. Have Reported Sexual Assault at Massage EnvyA new investigation from BuzzFeed News reveals what was happening on Massage Envy tables at 1,200 spas across the country.
  21. oops
    New Hampshire Fixes Mistake That Allowed Women to Commit MurderOops!
  22. gender equality
    A Record Number of Women Were Just Elected in the U.K. General ElectionOver 200.
  23. gender
    Why Some Women Aren’t Excited About Leadership PositionsResearch suggests that sexism in hiring can’t explain the entire gender gap in leadership positions — there’s other stuff going on, too.
  24. lists
    All the Things Women Are Doing WrongHere are 54 things women just can’t get right.
  25. skin deep
    Cate Blanchett on Female Judgment and How She’s Moisturized for Over a DecadeAnd her favorite sunscreen.
  26. now smell this
    Hermès’s 1st Female Perfumer on Breaking Into the Male-Dominated Perfume WorldAll scents are interesting to her — except one.
  27. new faces of things
    One of Your Favorite Feminists Just Scored a Major Beauty CampaignFurther proof that feminism and beauty aren’t mutually exclusive.
  28. election 2016
    Clinton’s Campaign Has More Black Women Than Any Presidential Campaign EverMeet some of them now.
  29. motherhood
    Donald Trump’s Problem Isn’t Babies. It’s Women.Who was he really complaining about at that rally?
  30. donald trump
    Forty Years of Trump Being Creepy To WomenThe New York Times spent weeks talking to women who’ve had to experience Trump for decades.
  31. the gender gap
    Why Better Abortion Access Makes Women RicherThe undeniably true, rarely discussed topic that will be on lawmakers’ minds tomorrow.
  32. gallery
    Every Stage of Womanhood, CapturedMarjorie Salvaterra’s Her: Meditations on Being Female.
  33. trumped up
    Donald Trump Shares His Thoughts About Ladies’ SkinMore opinions about women’s bodies from Trump himself. 
  34. wellness theories
    Elon Musk’s Mom Is a 67-Year-Old Model and Dietitian With Great Wellness Advice“A report came out that people who lived the longest had a cup of beans a day.”
  35. blizzard win
    Post-Jonas, Female Senators Actually Showed Up for Their Jobs Because women strap on their snow boots and get things done.
  36. hit the snooze
    Women in the U.K. Are Sleep-Deprived No sleep. Still total bosses.
  37. power portraits
    Annie Leibovitz Debuts ‘Women: New Portraits’Feminist photo shoot, anyone?
  38. religion
    Pope Francis’s Revolution Has Left Out WomenIn both words and deeds, he supports reinforcing traditional gender roles within the Catholic Church. 
  39. A New Study Suggests Ladybosses Threaten Guys’ ManhoodIt might help explain why male employees sometimes respond aggressively to their female superiors.
  40. monuments
    Central Park Doesn’t Have Any Statues of Actual Historical WomenThat could be changing soon, though.
  41. period power
    Apple Will Finally Acknowledge MenstruationThe company has grown up.
  42. See Cool Vintage Nike Women’s Ads Through the Ages“Are you looking at my titles?”
  43. trends
    Women! They Keep Not Having Kids: A Report From the Census BureauNearly half of all women between 15 and 44 don’t have kids. 
  44. women
    Being Weird, Lonely, Freaky Ladies All TogetherCaitlin Moran on sharing. 
  45. Guys Use a Singsong Voice Around Pretty LadiesPeople are weird. 
  46. No, Women Don’t Talk More Than MenIt really depends on the context.
  47. Sorry I’m Not Sorry I’m SorryThe word isn’t automatically a sign of weakness.
  48. women
    Jessica Simpson’s Clothing Line Makes Bank Because She Knows All About YouA billion! Dollars! 
  49. sports sports sports
    Do We Even Need NFL Cheerleaders?They say we need a revolution. But do we?
  50. weed week
    Watch: The Cut’s Supercut of the Best Pot-Smoking Ladies Ever on FilmLadies, spark your bongs.
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