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  1. photos
    Patty Carroll’s Draped, ‘Anonymous’ Women“Whoever stands in behind the drapes is a stand-in for all of us.”
  2. science
    ​Women Are So Confusing About AggressionThe New York Times is on it, but not as on it as women are to each other.
  3. first look
    First Look: Anatomy by Malerie Marder [NSFW]A different look at the Netherlands’s female prostitutes.
  4. designing women
    MoMA Was Weird About Its Women and Design ExhibitionFirstly, the exhibition begins with a chair designed by a man.
  5. personal finance
    Women Now Have Their Own Crowd-Funding Site For women, by women. 
  6. this appeals to my pinterests
    CNN Finally Understands Pinterest After Visiting the Makeup RoomLet’s get ladies!
  7. mo money
    Women, Sitting on Piles of Cash, Don’t Know What to Do NextWomen with lots of money are in “fear” of investing it.
  8. language
    China’s Female Intellectuals Are Called ‘Mister’Xiansheng is used for brilliant women and any old dude. 
  9. style tribes
    Brawling With Brooklyn’s All-Ladies Arm-Wrestling LeaguePart competition, part burlesque show — with a dash of lucha libre absurdity.
  10. tropes
    The Difference Between TV’s Difficult Men and Difficult WomenToday, Carrie Bradshaw would be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. 
  11. pop mechanics
    Blurring the Lines: How to Enjoy Maybe-Sexist MusicOn Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and the art of compartmentalizing.
  12. 'tis the season
    Traveling Solo: A Manifesto for the Modern WomanSociety assumes that ladies are either unsafe, or that they should be pitied, when on the road alone.
  13. quotables
    Channing Tatum Experienced ‘Crying Fits’ While His Wife Was Giving BirthHe was just so amazed at the human birth process.
  14. just friends
    Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make the Greatest Friends“Approaching and befriending women whom I identify as smart has been a major revelation of my adult life.”
  15. help me
    Can Men Worry About ‘Having It All’ Too?“Leaning in” makes me feel anxious. And that’s too bad.
  16. encounters
    Can an Asian Woman Be Taken Seriously in Rap?That’s what Awkwafina, the Internet’s new Kreayshawn, is trying to figure out.
  17. first looks
    A ‘Sexy Book’ Editor Unveils Porn’s History [NSFW]Taschen’s editor, Dian Hanson, penned a three-volume set on pinup magazines.
  18. confessions
    My Adventures With ‘Penis-Numbing’ SprayThe first FDA-approved one, in fact.
  19. work-life balance
    Marissa Mayer Just Wants One Thing: EfficiencyLooking at her record, it’s no surprise the Yahoo! CEO wants her employees to show up and work.
  20. love and war
    Ava DuVernay on Fear, Friendship, and Working With Miu MiuThe director is the latest to collaborate with Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales film series.
  21. obsessions
    Women Will Buy Basically Anything Related to Jane Austen“What gives?” —The Brontës.
  22. the end of 2012
    The Year of the ‘Year of the Woman’America wanted 2012 to be about women. Was it?
  23. genital tales
    A Brief History of Magical Vaginas What Naomi Wolf has in common with Todd Akin and Diderot.
  24. gender wars
    Women Are Like Immigrants, Says David BrooksThis definitely won’t make anyone hate women more. 
  25. loose threads
    Kate Moss Gets Retrospective; Katy Perry Hits MilanAlso, Marc Jacobs’s spring 2009 opener signs with Women, and buyers skip Madrid Fashion Week.
  26. run through
    Duro Olowu Wants Husbands to Shop for Their Wives, KindaThe British designer thinks straight men have a good eye for how women should dress. Except when they don’t. Which is when they should just compliment you.