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Womens Rights

  1. women’s march 2017
    These Affordable Buses Will Help New Yorkers Get to D.C. for the Women’s MarchTransportation just got a bit easier for New Yorkers.
  2. women’s march 2017
    The Women’s March on Washington Has a New Sponsor“Women’s rights are human rights.”
  3. actually good things
    Here Are 11 Good Things Worth Celebrating That Happened in 2016Because some good things happened.
  4. o’canada
    Canada Is Putting a Black Woman on Its $10 BillViola Desmond is known as “Canada’s Rosa Parks.”
  5. real talk
    Shirley Manson: Women Got Complacent, and Beauty Is IrrelevantManson is no one’s “Stupid Girl.”
  6. The Lawyer Who Argued Roe v. Wade on What It Was Like When Abortion Was IllegalDr. Sarah Weddington chats with the Cut about reproductive rights.
  7. Here’s How to Donate to 10 Charities That Need Your Support Now More Than EverFrom Planned Parenthood to the ACLU, here’s how to donate to some important groups.
  8. women’s chess
    Female Chess Players Are Furious About Being Forced to Wear Hijabs in IranThe world championship tournament is in Iran, where women are required to wear hijabs.
  9. women at work
    The Real Reason 5 Decades of Women’s Progress Has StalledWe need to stop looking to professional-track, straight white women for the answers.
  10. trashy tabloid behavior
    Emma Watson Demanded This Trashy Website Remove Her Private PicsHer legal team reportedly sent a letter to Celeb Jihad demanding the removal of the photos.
  11. reproductive rights
    Two Irish Women Are Live-Tweeting Their Trip to the UK for an Abortion“Two women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home.”
  12. 2016 olympics
    Iran’s Flag-Bearer Is a Female Paralympic ArcherZahra Nemati is competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year.
  13. early and often
    Tony Goldwyn Advocates for Women’s Rights at DNC“I’m not quite clear on what rights men don’t have. A white man in this country, that’s pretty good!”
  14. Anne Hathaway Is Now a U.N. Goodwill AmbassadorShe joins the U.N. Women team that includes Emma Watson and Nicole Kidman.
  15. causes for celebration
    International Women’s Day Is Not a Hallmark HolidayIt’s been around since 1911.
  16. Want Viagra, Men? Better Get a Note From Your WifeAn ED prescription made hard to get.
  17. this is insulting
    Hey, Women, the Wage Gap Closed by One Cent This Year!Progress?
  18. women’s rights
    Planned Parenthood President on the Unsung Heroes of the Colorado Shooting“Their stories will not be told.”
  19. abortion
    Congress Had a Hearing About Planned Parenthood But Didn’t Invite ThemHm, something odd about that.
  20. women’s rights
    Saudi Women Can Now Register to VoteLaws still forbid them from driving or working outside the home. 
  21. guides
    The Case for Bernie Sanders on Women’s IssuesHillary Clinton, who?
  22. women’s rights
    Planned Parenthood’s Site Has Been Shut Down by Hackers“This is a new low for anti-abortion extremists,” a spokesperson for the organization said.
  23. abortion
    Why Republicans Keep Talking About Ultrasounds Anti-abortion rhetoric is likely to play a big role in the upcoming presidential election.
  24. women’s rights
    Planned Parenthood Says More Videos May SurfaceLast week’s controversial sting video could be one of many.
  25. breakthroughs
    Saudi Women Are Finally Allowed to Sell Bras to One AnotherBelieve it or not, this is quite a breakthrough.
  26. run through
    Women No Longer Forced to Wear High Heels in U.K.; Also, Middle Ages EndsApparently banks, airlines, and shops in London required women to teeter around in heels.