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  1. Treat Yourself: A Wool Wrap Coat From the Frankie ShopBecause winter is coming at us hard.
  2. controversies
    Stella McCartney to Stop Using Patagonian Wool Over Animal-Rights Concerns“I’m devastated by the news but more determined than ever to fight for animal rights in fashion.”
  3. wool
    Prince Charles Will Burn a Pile of Clothes to Prove a PointWool enthusiasm goes extreme. 
  4. sheep
    Tell Me Everything You Know About WoolA sweater expert speaks.
  5. baaa
    Presenting: Alexander Wang and a No-Nonsense SheepA solemn portrait by Annie Leibovitz.
  6. princes!!!
    Prince Charles Is No Kate Middleton on the Dance FloorHe communed with farm animals and smelled the roses.
  7. sheep in unlikely places
    Flock of Sheep in Bryant Park Amuses Pedestrians, Confuses a DogBaa!