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Words Of Wisdom

  1. words of wisdom
    The Best Moments From Michelle Obama’s Interview With OprahThe First Lady sat down with Oprah to discuss her legacy.
  2. words of wisdom
    Bridging the Gap Between Black and White FeminismGloria Steinem on the influence of seminal civil-rights activist Florynce “Flo” Kennedy.
  3. words of wisdom
    Toni Morrison on ForgivenessQuotes from her talk at the New Yorker Festival. 
  4. words of wisdom
    A Brief History of Viola Davis’s Inspiring SpeechesShe only speaks one language: pearls of wisdom.
  5. doomed relationships
    Don’t Stand on One Leg and Think About Your Significant OtherA new old wives’ tale.
  6. quotables
    Anna Wintour Is Doing It Wrong, Says John WatersHe has some very strict fashion rules.
  7. words of wisdom
    Want to Live to 109? Try Misandry and Porridge, Says 109-Year-Old WomanMisandry and porridge.
  8. guides
    #GIRLBOSS: A Millennial Alternative to Lean InBusiness advice gets a Nasty makeover.
  9. words of wisdom
    Amy Poehler Resented When You Lied and Said It Was Your BirthdayCementing her status as the world’s wise older sister.