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  1. Work Smarter: Why You Should Add a ‘Done List’ to Your To-Do ListKeeping an honest record of what you’ve done can inspire you to make changes, if necessary.
  2. Work Smarter: Speak Vaguely to Seem More Powerful New research helps explain some of the magic of corporate-speak.
  3. Work Smarter: Unhunch! Slouching Is Making You DumberIt’s harder to think creatively when you’re all hunched over.
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    At Work, What Kind of Music Is Best? And When? The best kinds of music for tackling various tasks throughout your day.
  5. Work Smarter: Close Those Damn Tabs!They’re “secret distractors.”
  6. Work Smarter: Get Stuff Done in 90-Minute ChunksTaking breaks may help you be more productive.
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    Work Smarter: Meetings Are 34 Percent Shorter If You’re Standing UpSit-down meetings drag, and all that extra time doesn’t produce better decisions, research shows.
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    Work Smarter: Even a 3-Second Distraction Can Screw You UpOr, how your Gchat addiction messes you up at work.