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Working Girl

  1. fashion nostalgia
    The Evolution of Women’s Workwear, From Shoulder Pads to Exposed DeltsWith help from Donna Karan and Working Girl.
  2. shes the boss
    Hollywood’s 25 Most Memorable Boss HairstylesOnscreen, women in charge have the best hair.
  3. Great Moments in Power SuitsFrom Working Girl to Hillary to Lorde.
  4. movies
    Working Girl Made Corporate Climbing Look GoodMike Nichols’s 1988 movie still resonates today — for better or worse.
  5. ‘In Charge’: A Supercut of Boss Ladies in Pop-Culture HistoryOffice swagger.
  6. pretty in pictures
    The 50 Best Movie Beauty Moments of All TimePrincess Leia, Margot Tenenbaum, and so many more.