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  1. kayla’s workout plan
    Meet the Trainer Taking Over InstagramAn interview with Kayla Itsines, Instagram’s most famous personal trainer. 
  2. workout gifs
    Here’s How to Get Strong Outer ThighsHips don’t lie. 
  3. workout gifs
    5 Easy, Weightless Leg Moves to Do at HomeSalute your shorts. 
  4. workout gifs
    5 Easy Workout Moves That Will Make You StrongerBecause no one wants to be weak. 
  5. workout gifs
    5 Easy Arm-Toning Boxing MovesBox it all up. 
  6. workout gifs
    How to Burn More Fat During Your WorkoutTry interval training. 
  7. wellness diary
    Anja Rubik on Her Fitness Routine and Why Modeling Is FeministAlso, her new fragrance, Original.
  8. get sporty
    Nike Gets That Women Are Super Into Fitness Now So it designed us more gear than ever for 2015.
  9. working out
    Does Anyone Actually Work Out in Italy?Don’t forget your leather pants on the treadmill.
  10. the exercist
    How to Have an Open Relationship With ExerciseMeet ClassPass, the “Open Table” for gyms.
  11. the exercist
    I Found the Hardest Workout in New YorkShirt-drenching.
  12. the exercist
    The Chair Workout That’s Not for Couch PotatoesYou’ll be lunging, not lounging.
  13. don’t sweat it
    Who’s Ready for a Sour-Milk Clothing Line?Clothes you can eat with strawberries. 
  14. modelfit
    Meet ModelFit, a New Gym for Models and MortalsModel-inspired workouts for the people.
  15. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Can a Muscle Gel Make Me a Workout Wonder?Can a gel help me recover from a week of working out Beyoncé-liciously?
  16. the exercist
    The Workout Class That Makes You Feel Like BeyoncéWe swirl. We booty-clap. We surfbort. We twerk.
  17. beer me
    There Is Now Such a Thing As ‘Fit Beer’The future is here.
  18. duck it’s naomi
    Naomi Campbell Talked Elegantly About Kegels“I would call that more Kama Sutra.”
  19. curling is my cardio
    I Tried Curling to See If It’s Really a WorkoutCalorie-burning with a broomstick.
  20. workout gifs
    Workout GIFs: How to ‘Thigh Dance’Don’t worry, it’s not twerking.
  21. gymtimidation
    Women Feel ‘Gymtimidation’ Twice As Often As MenAhh, the convenient portmanteau. 
  22. diet time
    In Defense of Disgusting Gym ClothesWhatever happened to cutoff tank tops? 
  23. oh em gwyneth
    Gwyneth and Tracy Anderson Have a Goopy, Feel-Good New Exercise ShowTears, hugs, and fat-burning.
  24. working out
    It’s a One Direction Training MontageIt’s way more grueling beginning of the movie stuff than redeeming end of the movie stuff.
  25. The Hunger Games’s Sam Claflin Went on a 3-Week CleansePoor, poor Sam Claflin. 
  26. inevitable diet package
    I Spent Two Weeks Working Out ‘Like a Man’“What’s the matter, is she pregnant or something? Kick harder!”
  27. working out
    The Cut Works Out With Hilary RhodaThe model shows us her daily gym routine (and it ain’t easy).
  28. working out
    The Cut Works Out With Simon DoonanThe Barneys creative ambassador-at-large shows us his daily gym routine.
  29. body issues
    Tracy Anderson No Longer Trains MadonnaIt’s the beginning of the end.