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Working Women

  1. in her shoes
    How to Dress for Work If You’re a Corporate LawyerAlana St. Aude isn’t afraid to add some personality to her work clothes.
  2. motherhood
    What’s Missing From Ivanka Trump’s Depiction of MotherhoodIf Ivanka Trump’s postpartum-depression announcement helps destigmatize the condition, that’s good. But it’s not nearly good enough.
  3. work
    The Ambition CollisionA generation raised to chase professional success is confronting a dead end.
  4. mind the gender gap
    1 in 4 Think We’ll Be Able to Time Travel Before Reaching Gender EqualityAccording to a new report by the Rockefeller Foundation.
  5. phone sex workers
    What It’s Really Like to Be a Phone-Sex OperatorThe lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against a national phone-sex provider takes us through a day in her life.
  6. my two cents
    I Have Money for the First Time Ever and I Feel Guilty About ItJust remember who you are — and don’t forget to save.
  7. lists
    A List of Women Who Continued to Do What They Usually Do While PregnantSerena Williams’s Australian Open win is impressive for reasons other than her being pregnant at the time.
  8. mind the gender gap
    More Than 90 Percent of New Jobs in March Reportedly Went to MenOut of 98,000 new jobs in March, only 9,000 went to women, according to a report.
  9. Mariah’s Manager Writes a Message for Her in LipstickIt’s on a hotel pillow and involves Mariah’s love life.
  10. Feminism, According to Stock PhotographyA slideshow of inadvertent memes created by stock-photo websites.
  11. designing women
    MoMA Was Weird About Its Women and Design ExhibitionFirstly, the exhibition begins with a chair designed by a man.