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    Drake’s Trainer Shows You 4 Full-Body Workout Moves You Can Do at HomeWorkout gifs from the man who helped sculpt Drake.
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    Watch Khloé Kardashian’s Trainer Show Us His 5 Best Revenge Body MovesWorkout GIFs from Gunnar Peterson.
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    4 Workout Moves That Shakira DoesSo that your hips won’t lie, either. 
  4. workout gifs
    The Netflix Workout How to watch Netflix and exercise at the same time. 
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    5 Workout Moves You Can Do on the TreadmillShakira’s trainer shows you what else you can do on the treadmill besides running. 
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    Can You Nail a Swimsuit Model’s Hardest Workout?Chances are, yes!
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    5 Easy Workout Moves From a Victoria’s Secret ModelYes, even you can do it.
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    How to Get a Dancer’s BodyEven if you have neither rhythm nor talent.
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    3 Easy Moves for Defined CalvesGive your lower legs a workout.
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    Get a Toned Back in Just a Few StepsHow to really make an exit.
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    3 Workout Moves for Cinching Your WaistTarget those obliques. 
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    4 Workout Moves for a Tighter ButtFor those who hate squats.
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    4 Actually Fun Workout MovesRaise your heart rate without looking at pictures of Idris Elba. 
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    How to Rein In Your Lower AbsBecause guacamole is delicious.
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    How to Tone Your Shoulders And reduce armpit bulge. 
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    Workout Moves You Can Do at the BeachIf you’re one of those people.
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    5 Exercises to Tone Your WaistlineIt’s all about the obliques. 
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    Here’s How to Get Strong Outer ThighsHips don’t lie. 
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    5 Easy, Weightless Leg Moves to Do at HomeSalute your shorts. 
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    5 Easy Workout Moves That Will Make You StrongerBecause no one wants to be weak. 
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    5 Easy Arm-Toning Boxing MovesBox it all up. 
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    3 Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Chest MusclesNo more armpit fat.
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    How to Do a Two-Minute Cardio Workout Without RunningBlissfully stationary.
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    How to Burn More Fat During Your WorkoutTry interval training. 
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    How to Work Out Your Whole Body in 20 MinutesTotally efficient torture.
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    5 Ways to Do a Plank Workout Like Kate UptonWalk (and hold) the plank.
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    5 Easy Ways to Work Out Like a Tennis PlayerDjokovic would be proud.
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    Workout GIFs: The Kate Upton Butt WorkoutSlightly more strenuous than the “Cat Daddy.”
  29. Workout GIFs: How to Get a ‘Dancer V’The V stands for very, very toned.
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    Workout GIF: The 10-Minute Fashion Week Mini-Boot-CampThe ten-minute morning workout. No excuses.
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    Workout GIFs: How to ‘Thigh Dance’Don’t worry, it’s not twerking.
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    Workout GIF: How to Get Inner Thighs Like Beyoncé’sA workout inspired by an Instagram picture.
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    Workout GIFs: What’s a Thut, and How Do You Get Rid of It? No tutting involved to get rid of thutting.
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    Workout GIFs: Easy At-Home Thigh MovesAll you need is a chair and an Instagram picture of Beyoncé’s thighs for inspiration.