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  1. hot bod
    How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?It’s not the same as a gym sesh but that’s fine!
  2. always shopping
    16 Plus-Size Leggings for All OccasionsWhether you’re working out or hanging out.
  3. fitness
    Britney Spears Drops Another Stunning Workout TrackHer new release with Will.i.am is engineered for cardio playlists.
  4. fitness
    Pole Dancing Helped Me Regain Control of My LifeIt started with a Groupon — now it’s a lifestyle.
  5. beauty
    How Gym Culture Went From Punishing to MeditativePeople are starting to insist that exercise focus on mental health, not be an obligatory regimen that will change the way they look.
  6. 2020 election
    Who Is the Buffest Candidate?Democratic candidates show us how they stay fit.
  7. grimes
    Is Grimes’s Workout Routine Performance Art or What?*screams into void to maximize vocal proficiency*
  8. let’s get physical
    7 Workouts Worth Suffering Through for the Beauty ProductsNothing like the sweet, sweet smell of Chanel moisturizer you didn’t have to buy.
  9. get sweaty
    The Best Curvy Workout ClothesTwenty-four stylish pieces for women size 12 and up.
  10. science of us
    I Love My Barre Class Like a FriendThe story of how I fell for an exercise routine.
  11. exercise
    Working Out Too Much? There’s a Fitness Class to Fix That.The backlash to bootcamp has arrived.
  12. royal wedding 2.0
    Everything to Know About Meghan Markle’s Workout RoutineHer former trainer opens up about how she exercises.
  13. peer pressure
    If You Want to Work Out Harder, Share Your Results With FriendsA new study found our social networks can encourage us to exercise.
  14. inevitable diet package
    Chic Workout Gear to Inspire You in the New YearNo better time than today to get moving.
  15. Adriana Lima Showed Us How to Punch and Told Us the Powerful Reason She BoxesIt has nothing to do with fitness …
  16. exercise buddies
    Working Out With a Friend Is the Best Way to ExerciseA new study found that people with workout buddies are less likely to skip the gym.
  17. What’s Helping Our Editors Stick to Their Workout PlansEight ways to make January gym resolutions a little bit easier.
  18. workout gifs
    5 Easy Workout Moves From a Victoria’s Secret ModelYes, even you can do it.
  19. best bets
    A Cool and Flattering Bra for Your Yoga ClassesOr just wear it as a crop top.
  20. leather forever
    Would You Wear ‘Leather’ Workout Pants?A new athleisure brand seeks to dress people for all hours of the day. 
  21. look of the day
    Anne Hathaway Wore Enthusiastic Cycling GearA devotion to cult fitness.
  22. health and wellness
    Post-Workout Burgers Are Actually a Great IdeaBetter than a protein shake.
  23. you go helen mirren
    Helen Mirren Does the Royal Canadian Air Force Workout In 12 gentle minutes. 
  24. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Can a Muscle Gel Make Me a Workout Wonder?Can a gel help me recover from a week of working out Beyoncé-liciously?
  25. q&a
    Kate Upton’s Trainer Defends Her ‘Porky’ Body“The objective was to never look like a runway model.”
  26. look of the day
    Fitness Guru Jackie Warner Isn’t Afraid to Show Her Natural Hair ColorShe’s skipped a salon visit (or three).
  27. best bets
    Best Bet: Sunday BestLounge by the pool, work out, and get a massage or facial, all in one package deal.