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  1. the cut opinion pages
    Why Is Canceling Your Gym Membership Such Hell?Please, just let us do it online already.
  2. florida
    Protesters Inadvertently Prove They Can Work Out AnywhereDemonstrators in Florida demanded gyms be reopened by … doing squats on the sidewalk.
  3. exercise
    The New World of Highly Focused Micro-WorkoutsThe city is suddenly full of studios and regimens that promise to get ears, toes, butts, and even mouths firmed, stretched, and generally tuned up.
  4. presidential workouts
    Trump Says He Runs Between Buildings for ExercisePlus he plays golf.
  5. obsessive tester
    The Best Black Leggings According to a Workout FanaticI’ve tested them while spinning, running, and rock climbing.
  6. the exercist
    Gabrielle Union Doesn’t Pretend to Love the Gym“Is it fair to say you don’t like working out?”
  7. Michelle Obama Hosted Fitness Boot Camps at the White House for Her GirlfriendsThe former first lady often had her friends over for boot camps.
  8. notorious rbg
    Get Workout Tips From Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Personal TrainerAn upcoming book will show you how to get as swole as RBG.
  9. health and wellness
    Now ClassPass Lets You Watch Classes Instead of Going to ThemYour membership now includes video workouts.
  10. wellness
    25 Famous Women on ExerciseTracy Anderson, Kerry Washington, Betty White, and more on workouts they love (and hate).
  11. get ooooout
    12 Essentials So You Don’t Complain About Running in the ColdGet your butt out the door, even if it’s freezing.
  12. dancing queen
    Teyana Taylor Wants You to Dance Yourself to a Sweaty, New, Fit SelfGet ready for the Teyana Taylor workout plan.
  13. swellness
    How a Lazy Couch Potato Became an Exercise FreakIn praise of exercise masochism and workouts that make you want to throw up.
  14. fitfam
    The Trainer Who Posts Unflattering Selfies on Instagram“Flexing is a five-second thing. That’s not how I am walking around, or when I’m sitting.”
  15. strong stances
    I Straight-up Refuse to Do This Hologram’s WorkoutThis is madness.
  16. workout wars
    ClassPass Will Be $200 a Month in New York CityWorkout Twitter is not happy.
  17. workout gifs
    Get a Toned Back in Just a Few StepsHow to really make an exit.
  18. workout gifs
    3 Workout Moves for Cinching Your WaistTarget those obliques. 
  19. workout gifs
    Here’s How to Get Strong Outer ThighsHips don’t lie. 
  20. workout gifs
    5 Easy, Weightless Leg Moves to Do at HomeSalute your shorts. 
  21. workout gifs
    How to Burn More Fat During Your WorkoutTry interval training. 
  22. move it
    Skin Tight: 10 Superhuman Trainers on Their Killer WorkoutsHeavenly bodies.
  23. beauty interviews
    Cindy Crawford on Working Out, Her Beauty Routine, and MoreShe’s talking about what makes beauty meaningful.
  24. the exercist
    How to Have an Open Relationship With ExerciseMeet ClassPass, the “Open Table” for gyms.
  25. the exercist
    I Found the Hardest Workout in New YorkShirt-drenching.
  26. the exercist
    The Chair Workout That’s Not for Couch PotatoesYou’ll be lunging, not lounging.
  27. workouts
    Get Big, Buff Face Muscles Like Cristiano Ronaldo Kind of.
  28. curling is my cardio
    I Tried Curling to See If It’s Really a WorkoutCalorie-burning with a broomstick.
  29. party chat
    Hilaria Baldwin Did Yoga in an NYU Elevator “The security guard said, ‘I worked at your wedding!’”
  30. Michelle Obama Is Cutting Back on CardioGonna switch it up with some yoga. 
  31. workouts
    35 Ways to Get Inspired to Work Out in the ColdBecause “It’s freezing” is not a good excuse.
  32. cults
    SoulCycle Will Soon Take Even More of Your MoneyYou just can’t help it.