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Workplace Psychology

  1. How Long Will It Take Before You Feel Like Yourself at a New Job?This is a question a team of social psychologists recently set out to investigate.
  2. The Weirdness of Becoming Real Friends With Your Work FriendsResearchers investigate the impact on work performance and “emotional exhaustion.”
  3. To Make Networking Less Terrible, Stop Making It About YouResearch suggests that when people focus on how they can help others — instead of how others can help them — networking seems a little less awful.
  4. All Anyone Really Wants at Work Is AutonomyI got this. Leave me alone.
  5. These 13 Lucky Jerks Ditched Email for a Week, for ScienceWhen is the next round of this study?
  6. You Call It Burnout. These Scientists Might Call It Depression.A new study argues that burnout and depression might sometimes be one and the same.
  7. Having Two Bosses for One Company Is Maybe Not the Best IdeaCreativity suffers, according to a large study of the world’s top fashion designers.
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    Why Teamwork Is Great for Internal MotivationResearch shows this works if you simply feel as if you are part of a team, even if you are in fact working on your own.
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    Women Get Less Credit When Working in Teams with MenHow neat.
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    Take a Big Risk by Keeping Your Day JobLessons from the creator of Spanx and other surprisingly risk-averse entrepreneurs.
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    Watch: Why Feeling Ambivalent About Your Co-workers Is a Good ThingThe science of love-hate relationships.
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    People Unconsciously Value Natural Talent Over Hard WorkEven though most say they place more worth on motivation and persistence. 
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    You Can Spot a Terrible Boss in Your Interview for the JobSometimes first impressions reveal everything you needed to know. 
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    Maybe Companies Should Chill on Employee-Happiness ProgramsNotes from a critic of the current happiness “obsession” among businesses and governments.
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    An Upside to Distrusting the Jerks You Work WithYou’ll produce better work, even if you’re hating every minute of it.
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    Daydreaming About Cash Will Help You Forget Your Co-workers Hate YouThis study is weird and sad. 
  17. Scientists Suggest That You Force Yourself to Consider the Bright Side at WorkIt’s called the “three good things” intervention. 
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    Middle Management: The Worst of Both WorldsIt’s tough to wrangle your underlings and keep your own boss happy at the same time.
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    Nervous Employees Are Taking ‘Stealth Vacations’ NowSo much guilt over taking a day or two off. 
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    The Selfish Reason to Take 5 Minutes to Do Someone a FavorHow success and generosity are linked. 
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    A White-Collar Amazon Worker on the Times PieceWhat it’s like to work at the Seattle tech giant in the wake of the nearly 6,000-word article. 
  22. A New Study Suggests Ladybosses Threaten Guys’ ManhoodIt might help explain why male employees sometimes respond aggressively to their female superiors.
  23. At Work, Every Friday Should Be a Summer Friday Why the summertime job perk should be year-round.