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Workplace Sexism

  1. women at work
    What Would a World Designed by Women Look Like?As more women rise to power in the architecture world, we’re starting to find out.
  2. more sexual harassment allegations
    Prolific New York Times Reporter Accused of Sexual MisconductA chilling Vox report details the White House correspondent’s alleged predatory behavior toward young female journalists.
  3. workplace discrimination
    Ellen Pao: This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon ValleyMy lawsuit failed. Others won’t.
  4. Google’s Employee-Run Email List Helps Workers Submit Harassment ComplaintsNearly 20 percent of Google workers get the newsletter.
  5. the o’reilly factor
    Sexual-Harassment Claims Aren’t Hurting Bill O’Reilly’s Ratings One BitIn fact, they’re higher than they were before.
  6. Gretchen Carlson Wants You to Fight Sexual Harassment“This is not only a women’s issue. It’s a societal issue.”
  7. workplace sexism
    Read Mila Kunis’s Powerful Essay on Sexism in the Workplace“If this is happening to me, it is happening more aggressively to women everywhere.”
  8. shoe spats
    Some People Want Theresa May to Stop Wearing Her Leopard-Print Kitten HeelsIn the name of gender equality.
  9. workplace discrimination
    A Jury Found Chipotle Discriminated Against Pregnant EmployeeAnd they’re paying out $550,000 in compensation and damages.
  10. workplace sexism
    Saatchi Chairman Resigns After His Controversial Gender-Diversity Comments Kevin Roberts will be leaving Publicis Groupe in September after his remarks about women in advertising became public.
  11. workplace sexism
    Saatchi Chairman On Leave After Comments on Gender DiversityGuess the debate over gender bias in the ad industry isn’t over, after all.
  12. workplace sexism
    Saatchi Chairman: Gender Diversity a NonissueKevin Roberts added that women don’t have “vertical ambition,” but a “circular ambition to be happy.”
  13. women at work
    Injured at Work? Your Gender Could Affect How Much You’re Paid.Bet you didn’t know gender is a “preexisting condition” for workers’ comp.
  14. women at work
    Going Freelance Won’t Solve All Your ProblemsSelf-employment doesn’t bring an escape from workplace sexism.
  15. from the archives
    What Has (and Hasn’t) Changed About Workplace Sexism Since 1973Office gals fetching coffee may be a thing of the past, but the working woman’s revolt certainly isn’t.
  16. brrr
    Air-Conditioning Really Is a Sexist Conspiracy It turns out most office thermostats are calibrated with the comfort of a 40-year-old man in mind.