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  1. world cup hottie
    I’m Watching the World Cup Only for Memphis DepayThe Dutch forward (and Lori Harvey’s ex) can get it on and off the field.
  2. sports
    Fans Won’t Be Able to Buy Beer at World Cup GamesA last-minute ban on alcohol sales is the latest controversy as the tournament kicks off in Qatar.
  3. crying
    Behold, Some Heartbroken Lads Weeping After England’s World Cup LossIt’s not coming home.
  4. sports
    Let Women Run U.S. SoccerThe U.S. women’s team is the reigning world champ, while the men didn’t qualify for the World Cup.
  5. eff you pay me
    Senate Backs World Cup Winners in Pay-Discrimination ComplaintAnother win for the USWNT.
  6. just girly things
    US Women’s Soccer Win Doesn’t Impress FIFA FlackBecause here, soccer is just “an ethnic sport for girls in schools.”
  7. Here Are Some Suggested Titles for World Cup Star Carli Lloyd’s MemoirThey’re all winners.
  8. How Will Their Team’s World Cup Implosion Affect Brazilians Psychologically?Not a good week to be Brazilian.
  9. booty clap
    Here’s the U.S. Soccer Team Wiggling Their ButtsA beautiful tush-wiggle for you.
  10. male gaze
    Turns Out Prince Harry Is an Agile Soccer GoalieHis Brazil tour has involved many athletics.
  11. sobering statistics
    What the World Cup Means for Abused WomenDomestic violence rises by as much as 38 percent in England, says a new PSA.
  12. hook ups
    The World Cup Is Getting People Laid Another reason to become a fútbol fan.
  13. Why Uruguay’s Luis Suarez Is Always Biting EverybodyA sports psychology professor offers his thoughts.
  14. OH AY AHHHH: Why the World Cup Theme Is Stuck in Your HeadIt’s a practically perfect earworm, scientifically speaking.
  15. male gaze
    World Cup Players: Still Touching Each OtherThe agony, the ecstasy, and the man-handling.
  16. male gaze
    Germany’s Hottest Soccer Player Is Unfortunately InjuredMats Hummels is currently suffering from a “heavily bruised right thigh.”
  17. hot shot
    Pitbull Unleashes Mankle on the World CupSomething for the ladies.
  18. look of the day
    Fergie Wore a Scary Alien Outfit to Perform in Honor of SoccerMostly it’s her fingertips that startled us.
  19. goal post
    Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana Join the World Cup FrenzyThey’re cranking out jerseys, belts, bags, and manties.