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  1. power
    Brittney Griner Is Returning to the WNBAShe reportedly signed a one-year contract with the Phoenix Mercury.
  2. yikes
    Imagine Being Locked in a Disney Park for HoursAll Shanghai Disney guests were required to test negative for COVID before leaving.
  3. technology
    Imagine a World With Only One Phone ChargerThe European Union is calling for a common charger to unite all phones.
  4. the royal family
    Queen Elizabeth II Is Working Through COVIDA queen’s job is never done.
  5. olympic gold
    Russian Figure Skater Kamila Valieva Can Still CompeteAfter failing a drug test, the Olympic skater will still participate in her events, but won’t be able to accept a medal.
  6. okay??
    How Does One Arrest a Cruise Ship?Crystal Cruises has some explaining to do.
  7. rip
    Desmond Tutu, Human-Rights Activist, Dies at 90Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, President Obama, and more paid tribute to the South African icon on Sunday, December 26.
  8. celebrity
    Dua Lipa Slams Ad Calling Her and the Hadids Anti-Semitic“This is the price you pay for defending Palestinian human rights.”
  9. world news
    Amid Tumult in Turkey, American Woman Shops“Of course I went out and got bombed.com right as all hell was about to break loose.”
  10. the actual war on women
    Afghanistan Still a Scary Place to Be a WomanTwo women’s-affairs officials have been murdered in the last year.