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    Writing Historical Fiction As History Repeats ItselfLiving through the urgency of this moment, I’ve found that writing parts of my novel required something more of me.
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    How These Writers Got a Literary AgentEight writers on finding the best person to represent their work.
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    How Professional Writers Deal With RejectionSeven writers talk about how they keep moving forward.
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    What Drives Me to Write?I’ve been thinking more about how and why I want to express the things that feel so urgent.
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    The Writer’s Job Is to Pay AttentionI don’t have to make sense of the world, but I do have to observe it.
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    You Wrote It and Now You Know It SucksEight writers describe throwing out writing.
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    Revision Is My GodImprove your work, and maybe your soul.
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    So You Want to Write?Nine professional writers offer advice.
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    Writing Probably Won’t Pay the BillsSix professional writers talk finances.
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    How to Write When You’re Not Sure About AnythingNot trusting my gut hasn’t stopped me.
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    To Be a Writer I Have to Write Every DayIt’s not true for everyone, but it is true for me.