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  1. media
    Jezebel Is Shutting DownG/O Media CEO Jim Spanfeller laid off the site’s entire staff.
  2. first person
    I Didn’t Realize How Wrong My Name Felt Until I Changed ItFor years I’d dreamed of seeing my name in print. But when I published my debut novel, I realized it no longer fit me.
  3. career
    How Isabel Allende Gets It DoneAt 81, the acclaimed author says she’ll continue to write until she can’t anymore. “Who retires from art?”
  4. in her shoes podcast
    Let Katori Hall Direct Creed 4The playwright and P-Valley showrunner makes a convincing case on this week’s episode of the In Her Shoes podcast.
  5. how i get it done
    How Author Gillian Flynn Gets It Done“I had two jobs forever. I was giving plasma at one point. Admittedly, I usually spent that money on beer.”
  6. culture
    Leïla Slimani Presents: MoroccoThe author discusses how she was able to so vividly render her childhood country’s postcolonial era in her new novel, Watch Us Dance.
  7. in her shoes podcast
    Maggie Smith Tells the Whole TruthThere’s so much more to the writer than the story of her divorce.
  8. excerpt
    The Essay That Started It AllNatalie Beach reckons with her decision to write about her relationship with Caroline Calloway and everything that came next.
  9. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I Hate My Writing Group’Ask yourself, Is this better than writing alone in my house?
  10. how i get it done
    Of Course Julia Cameron Still Does Her ‘Morning Pages’How the author of The Artist’s Way and the upcoming Write for Life gets it done.
  11. in her shoes
    What the Author of Pachinko and Free Food for Millionaires Wears to WorkMin Jin Lee loves a finely tailored uniform.
  12. goals
    Lessons in Success From the Rich and FamousAfter years of crafting others’ success stories, one celebrity ghostwriter is ready to tell her own — by following their formula.
  13. how i get it done
    How Margaret Atwood Gets It DoneOn skipping lunch, writing in the cellar, and casting a wary eye on reviews.
  14. in memoriam
    Janet Malcolm Couldn’t Escape Being a WriterThe late journalist famously despised her own profession, but she knew it was the best tool she had.
  15. how i get it done
    Morgan Jerkins Managed to Put Out Two Books During the PandemicThe best-selling author on ambition, self-confidence, and napping.
  16. how i get it done
    Mary H.K. Choi Is Jealous Her Fictional Characters Can Hang Out“I miss my sibling. I miss places. How dare you just willy-nilly go to each other’s houses and mouth kiss? It’s an affront.”
  17. how i get it done
    How Author Jacqueline Woodson Gets It DoneThe MacArthur fellow on morning podcasts, afternoon writing time, and evening dinner-table talk.
  18. connections
    Brilliant Not-Quite FriendsLet Them All Talk is a film about grasping for intimacy.
  19. write it
    Writing Historical Fiction As History Repeats ItselfLiving through the urgency of this moment, I’ve found that writing parts of my novel required something more of me.
  20. write it
    How These Writers Got a Literary AgentEight writers on finding the best person to represent their work.
  21. write it
    How Professional Writers Deal With RejectionSeven writers talk about how they keep moving forward.
  22. write it
    What Drives Me to Write?I’ve been thinking more about how and why I want to express the things that feel so urgent.
  23. write it
    The Writer’s Job Is to Pay AttentionI don’t have to make sense of the world, but I do have to observe it.
  24. write it
    You Wrote It and Now You Know It SucksEight writers describe throwing out writing.
  25. write it
    Revision Is My GodImprove your work, and maybe your soul.
  26. write it
    So You Want to Write?Nine professional writers offer advice.
  27. write it
    Writing Probably Won’t Pay the BillsSix professional writers talk finances.
  28. write it
    How to Write When You’re Not Sure About AnythingNot trusting my gut hasn’t stopped me.
  29. write it
    To Be a Writer I Have to Write Every DayIt’s not true for everyone, but it is true for me.
  30. science of us
    Why Does Writing Suck?The highs of a writer’s life are high, and the lows are very, very low.
  31. woah
    The Petty Writing Mistake That Drives Me NutsFor no good reason, and I know I’m wrong to care, but I do, and so I looked for company.
  32. ask polly
    ‘I Can’t Stop Comparing Myself to More Successful Writers!’You need to stop seeing the world through the lens of your fears.
  33. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘Should I Quit My Day Job to Write a Book?’It’s harder to finish creative work when you view it as a means to an end.
  34. motherhood
    When Writers Become MothersAnd how my own mother helped me become both.
  35. science of us
    You Should Probably Do Your Writing in the MorningHow to schedule your work according to your attention span.
  36. science of us
    9 Writers on the Most Outrageous Ways They’ve ProcrastinatedA few even left the country.
  37. science of us
    Just Write 500 WordsIt’s simple.
  38. literature
    What I Learned After Lorin Stein Published My StoryA lesson in power, sex, and fiction.
  39. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘I’m Staring Into the Void!’You’re absurdly sensitive and very afraid of the real world.
  40. obituaries
    Second-Wave-Feminist Writer and Activist Kate Millett Dead at 82Andrea Dworkin called her 1970 book, Sexual Politics, “the alpha and omega of the women’s movement.”
  41. Dying May Not Be As Frightening As We Imagine It Will BeA new study analyzed poems and blog posts written by people who were nearing death.
  42. unsolicited advice
    How to Get Fresh Perspective on a Project You’re Sick OfWhat is the creative equivalent of sniffing coffee beans at a perfume shop?
  43. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Escape My Professional Envy?Remember that the targets for your jealousy are irrelevant.
  44. Writing a Memoir Is a Strange Psychological Trip Through Your PastInsights from people who study autobiographical memory, and people who’ve written autobiographies.
  45. unsolicited advice
    Writer’s Block Is Real, But Don’t Tell Yourself That“People can overthink themselves into deep dark corners, and writer’s block is a good example.”
  46. You Can Write Your Way Out of an Emotional Funk. Here’s How.It takes 20 minutes.
  47. Free Advice: Use the Very First Hour of Your Day for Creative WorkDo it for the smugness.
  48. writing
    Lindsay Lohan Is Writing a Book About ‘How to Overcome Obstacles’“I hope that my words will connect with those who need some guidance when [or] if they are in a tough place.”
  49. first person
    The Patronizing Questions We Ask Women Who Write “What does your kid think?” “Are you going to regret this?” “Does your mom know?”
  50. advice
    Ask Polly: Should I Just Give Up on My Writing?Writing can’t be a popularity contest, and popularity doesn’t add up to much anyway.
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