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  1. wtf
    This Man Does Not Deserve to Be This CozyHand over the fuzzy pants, Brad.
  2. extremely online
    Why Do All My AI Avatars Have Huge Boobs?My Lensa avatars were strikingly different from the ones I bought of my husband.
  3. wtf
    NY Man Released a Sex Tape for his Congressional CampaignCandidate Mike Itkis called the video “a conversation piece.”
  4. anti-semitism
    Ye Has Reportedly Been Locked Out of Twitter and InstagramThe rapper tweeted that he would go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE”
  5. wtf
    Everything We Know About Kanye West’s Harmful YZY 9 ShowAt his YZY 9 show, West printed on shirts a slogan used by white-supremacist groups.
  6. wtf
    Bryce Dallas Howard Confirms Huge Pay Disparity on Jurassic World“I was paid so much less than the reports even said.”
  7. wtf
    Watch Kathy Hilton Learn Lizzo Is Not Gabourey SidibeIt’s as cringe as it sounds.
  8. wtf
    Does This Really Explain Love Is Blind’s Lack of Body Diversity?Vanessa Lachey has some interesting thoughts.
  9. wtf
    A Truck Driver Ran Into Pro-Choice Protesters in IowaOther protesters across the country reported instances of violence, including excessive force by police.
  10. wtf
    Is Goop Really Selling Gem-Encrusted Diapers?The Diapér, explained.
  11. style
    Really, Kim, During Black History Month?Once again, Kim Kardashian West faces blackface allegations.
  12. help!!
    Would You Risk It All for This Chimp?A woman was banned from a Belgian zoo after having a four-year “affair” with a chimpanzee.
  13. wtf
    This Terrible Netflix Movie Belongs in Theaters’Deadly Illusions’ is the most batshit movie I’ve ever had to watch at home alone.
  14. hypocrisy
    And Now Ted Cruz Is Throwing His Own Kids Under the BusIn a statement, he insisted that the whole trip to Cancún was his daughters’ idea. They are 10 and 12 years old.
  15. wtf
    There’s a New Rachel DolezalJessica Krug has stepped down from her job as an associate history professor after admitting that she pretended to be Black.
  16. wtf
    Look at This Big Weirdo Fondling the FlagHe’s at it again.
  17. wtf
    Your Job Can Now Predict When You’ll Have a KidTo cut costs, employers go full Minority Report.
  18. red carpets
    Fug Girls: Best, Worst, and Weirdest of the MTV Movie AwardsMost young stars seemed unsure which show they were attending.
  19. wtf
    Pink-Clad Hitler Stars in Ads for a Sicilian Fashion BoutiqueHow desperate can they be?
  20. when kell freezes over
    Video: Kelly ‘Not Pam Anderson’ Cutrone Discusses Killing Mice in New Internet Talk Show“The only way I haven’t been able to kill them is manually.”
  21. wtf
    Richie Rich Claims He Is Doing an Informercial for His New Fashion LineAren’t those meant for bread slicers?
  22. awkward publicity
    Ferré Boasts of Chris Brown Attending Their Men’s ShowReally?
  23. wtf
    Erin Wasson Is in the J.Crew CatalogueLooks like she talked them out of brushing her hair.
  24. wtf
    The Snuggie Is Not an Item of ApparelNonetheless, people have taken to wearing it out of doors, which is rather gross.
  25. wtf
    Kevin Federline Busy Working on a Kids’ LineYes, this is actually happening.
  26. wtf
    New Relish Ads Depict Women Getting AssaultedThey’re actually on billboards in Italy.