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  1. world news
    Amid Tumult in Turkey, American Woman Shops“Of course I went out and got bombed.com right as all hell was about to break loose.”
  2. ins and outs
    Cat Marnell on Jane Pratt, Her Book, and Splitting From xoJane.com“I think what people really want to see right now is someone who’s being honest about being a complete mess.”
  3. hugs not drugs
    Cat Marnell Needs to Get Some Sleep Before She Can Talk About Leaving xoJane.comShe’s no longer employed by Jane Pratt.
  4. quotables
    Cat Marnell: ‘Why Do I Have to Clean Up?’The xoJane.com beauty director talks pills, lipstick, and rehab.
  5. how the other half get evicted
    Courtney Love Gave a Tour of Her Townhouse in ChanelOr, perhaps her soon-to-be-former townhouse.