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  1. backstage beauty lessons
    5 Backstage Beauty Lessons You Can Actually UseHow to make your black eyeliner actually stay put.
  2. gucci gucci gucci
    All the Beauty You Didn’t See on the Gucci RunwayWhat was under all that pink smoke.
  3. i loved this thing at fashion week
    You’re Going to Want This Electric-Orange Velvet Lip on Your FaceProbably not for FLOTUS, though.
  4. life’s a runway
    Wait, Maybe Clumpy Lashes Are a Good IdeaTry to wrap your brain around this one.
  5. backstage beauty lessons
    5 Red-Lip Lessons From Fashion Week“Respect the integrity of the lip shape.”
  6. lashing out
    Why Would Anyone Want ‘Clumpy Lash’ Mascara?Something we’ve been told to avoid, now available for purchase.
  7. legs for days
    How to Get Flawless, Smooth Legs This SummerEight celebrity makeup artists on how they get rid of leg blemishes.